Thank You God

Lord I am thankful to you for so many things…

Bless me and my family and friends indeed.  Forgive me of my sins, and increase my wisdom and knowledge so that I may help others and provide for my children.  Thank you for blessing me.

I thank you for my healthy, happy and talented children. I thank you for my health, home, food, friends, church, clothes, income, transportation and each day you create for us to rejoice in thanksgiving each day.

I thank you for such beauty and hope in the world. I thank you for your grace and mercy. I thank you for giving your only begotten son into the world to save us. I thank you for loving us that much.

Please build a hedge of angels around my children, my family, friends and me. Protect my children, my friends. family. and me. Keep us safe. Keep us healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and financially. Deliver and protect us from evil. Increase our circles. Allow your light and goodness to shine through my children and me.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


About DW

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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