What does the word “Kwan”mean? The word was made famous by Cuba Gooding Jr. playing Rod in the movie Jerry McGuire played by Tom Cruise.

You may find it difficult to find in any dictionary. It is a slang word made famous by Cuba Gooding, Jr. playing the football player named Rod, in the movie Jerry McGuire. Tom Cruise played as the character Jerry McGuire.

In the movie the word “Kwan” means love and respect. It is what most humans quest for but do not always obtain both at the same time. Cuba Gooding’s character, Rod, was wanting more than Jerry McGuire to just show him “the money.” Rod wanted the Jerry, and the football industry, the sponsors, and his fans to show him the Kwan. Rod strived for the fame, love, and respect for the career job he has as a wide receiver.

Jerry McGuire is one of my favorite films. It depicts human frailness in serious and comic ways in which all the main characters were in search of the “Kwan.”

Those who find true love or true non fair weather friendship usually discover the “Kwan.” It goes beyond money, career, power, friendships and it can often be rare. Some people may love you, however not respect you fully. Conversely some people may respect you but don’t like you. The combination is not always conducive.

If you find the “Kwan” in someone, hold onto it. It is often a rarity and is to be cherished.

May you find your “Kwan”



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Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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