Gone Camping

Ok, I made the decision I need to get away again. Away to the great outdoors.

My choice this time is Daniel Boone National Forest. They have a lot of tent camp sites and a whole lot of forrest.

I plan to camping 3 to 4 days by myself the first part of September. I’ll pack up my pick up truck with my smaller tent, some meat, cheese, coffee, wraps to put on my portable grill. (Gas or charcoal) A journal/IPad, and kick back and relax under the stars. I’ll catch up on some reading and writing and maybe do some fishing.

Day 1
Set up camp and have sandwiches for lunch. Set up grill. Make a campfire. Check out the surroundings.

The first night I will have grilled Ribeye Steak marinated for 24 hours, and fire grilled baked potato.

Day 2
Breakfast I will have bacon, crambled eggs with cheese, and fresh fruit. And fresh coffee off the percolator over the fire.

Relax for some reading and writing…

Then it’s off hiking the trail along the river and taking in the sites and a few photos. Maybe do some Geocaching and see what I may discover in this huge forrest.

Lunch will be a huge salad with fire grilled marinated chicken.

Dinner will be barbecue burgers over the grill, and a salad. Then it’s back to the tent for reading.

Day 3:
Breakfast the next morning will be sausage and scrambled cheesy eggs for breakfast.

Then it’s time to see if I can catch a fish or two for lunch and dinner. I’ll batter up my fish with some buttermilk, flour, fresh ground pepper and sea salt.

The night will be spent reading, and writing and enjoying some of the sites at dusk.

Day 4
A light breakfast of some fruit and energy bars and it’s off to do some more hiking. Take photos and walk some of the trails. This is when I will break out the Geocaching and see what I may discover in this huge forrest.

Lunch is left overs, maybe some fish, or barbecue burgers. Then it’s time to pack up and head out.

I love getting outdoors and camping in nature. I’ll keep you posted with some instagrams, and Facebook of the beautiful sites and scenery of this awesome forest.

Stay tuned…

About DW

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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