9/11/01 Do You Remember?

9/11/01 Do You Remember?

I was an Enterprise Solutions Manager for a Global Telecommunications provider. While I was in my office, one of my colleagues said that a plane hit the World Trade Center. All of us immediately turned on the TV and within a few moments we watched as the second plane hit the second tower. Then we heard of the Pentagon attack.

We were all shocked as the news casters emotionally provided reports of the attack. We could not believe our eyes. The devastation was unfolding right before our eyes. Soon, leadership of our company asked all of us to go home to be with our families. On my way home from Cincinnati, I noticed that there was, nearly, not a car on the roads and there was an uncanny silence. I turned on the radio and listened to the news cast as I began to pass through Dayton on I-75. There was no one downtown but police cruisers surrounding the Federal Building and Court Houses.

I couldn’t believe such a horrific and tragic event took place on American soil. I called my daughter, family and friends and prayed for there to be more survivors and for those family and friends who lost loved ones.

Our office was closed for several days. The stock market plummeted and several companies did not rebound from the down turn that followed this event. My company and I donated money for relief.

I was not about to be filled with fear, and a few weeks later, I still took my vacation flight to Florida with family and friends for a cruise to the Virgin Islands. I remember we all wore T-Shirts during that trip in support of finding those who caused this and relief for those who suffered loss.

We will never forget.  My prayers continue to go out to those family and friends who lost loved ones on this tragic day.

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