What is important to you in this upcoming election?

So I ask the question; “What is important to you in this upcoming election.  What would you like to see in a new President of the United States?”

POTUS_sealThere are a lot of prospective candidates.  Especially on the Republican side.  There is also a lot of talent to choose from in this diversified list.  Personally,  I am looking for a leader that stands up, protects and defends the constitution. A leader that walks the talk.  A leader of integrity, purpose, principles and passion.  This person must have experience and a track record of results.  A leader that can take charge and surround himself or herself with impeccable talent.

I look for a leader who knows how to lead and is not afraid to lead and not afraid to make the tough decisions to protect our nation, our rights, and our freedom.  A leader who understands and knows foreign policy and excels in communication.  A leader who can bring tough people to the table and negotiate for the betterment of the free world, free enterprise, equal rights, and sound morality.

I look for a leader that can be a near financial genius.  A leader who can balance a budget, know how and where to cut taxes.   A leader that can cut through the beurocratic nonsense and bipartisanship.  If he or she is not a math genius he or she knows how and where to hire one to serve on his or her team and be an advocate.  If he or she lacks in certain areas to be the best at the job as leader of the free world, he knows where to find the expert and he or she is humble enough to recognize it and hire that person to become a member of his or her trusted staff.

I look for a leader who loves the family.  A person who believes the family is the crucial fiber of our nation.  A leader who is pro-life, pro-american, and has a faith in the creator who created the universe.  A leader that knows he is guided by a higher power, and that higher power is the one and only true God.  He or she must have faith.  He or she must believe in God and he or she must believe that there was and is a savior in Jesus Christ.

I look for a leader that understands every American.  Especially the small business owner, the single mom or single dad.  A leader that is empathetic to the financial challenges of all Americans and those with handicaps, mental illness, and the elderly.  We should seek to help the widows, the single parents, the mentally ill, the handicapped and the elderly.  And benefits for the veterans should never be diminished.  They should have the access to great care at any time for the rest of their lives.  Social Security should never be cut, nor medicare.  Our citizens have paid into that program and the government had no right to spend it.  Granted if a citizen were able to “opt out” and invest that money on their own, they would most likely reap a whole lot more.  However they are not yet given that exact opportunity.  And quite possibly many folks may not be as disciplined to invest the money.

I believe our government’s job is to serve the people.  We should be a government of the people and by the people as initially conceived when this nation was founded.   The government is not to provide for our every need.  We are to work, to provide, to save, to plan, and have open enterprise to create our own destinies. Our hard earned money should be invested to adhere to our constitution and the laws that protect and better society.  I believe in smaller government and an opportunity to work hard to create what future we so desire.  To have the inalienable right in the pursuit of happiness.

No, I am not in favor of a government sponsored health care plan.  Or what may be deemed “Obama Care”.  I believe the free market and free competition in health care is best.  I don’t believe government should be involved.  It costs too much money and the savings are simply not there.  We are taxed more to pay for it.  And when you look at it as a self-employed business owner or a family man of several children it is not less expensive than the private sector.  I could go on for paragraphs, but I think I have sumed it up.  And if you want to hear more on my position against the “Obama Care” just email me.

We need a more simplified and fair tax plan.  Whether it is a “flat tax” of say 15% or something better.  The middle class is taxed way too much, and it is disappearing.

We must pay down the National Debt.  It is and has been out of control.  How can we maintain an 18 trillion dollar deficit?  How can our children and their children maintain and have a future with that large of a deficit?  Why do we need so many layers of government and oversight committees to oversight committees.  We have out of control government spending.  Cut out unnecessary programs.  I still do not understand why we need so many representatives. We need to trim the “fat”, in doing so we can cut taxes.

Climate change.  It seems climate change is a big topic with debates right now.  First of all, I believe that the planet Earth was a gift to us and we should take care of it.  It is the only Earth we have.  We should have proactive programs in place to protect the Earth and better seek economically and ecco-friendly forms of energy.  We have the technology and we need to see more from Hydrogen, Wind, and Solar forms.  A lot of other countries should adhere to better and more strict programs that protect our environment.  I am not necessarily what you may call a “tree hugger” however I love this planet, I love the outdoors, I love nature and I want to see my grandchildren and their children have a planet they can camp, fish, hike, hunt in, and explore.

Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”  – Winston Churchill

I am anti socialism.  Socialism usually often transcends into a dictatorship or financial devastation.  Have you read the book, “Animal Farm”?  I do not believe everyone should earn the same.  And no, no one is “entitled”.  There are no free meals, free education, free insurance.  Some one has to pay for it.  Nothing in this life is free except the saving grace of Jesus Christ as he is the one that paid that price.  I believe you should work hard, and pray often.  You get out of life what you put into it.  No one owes you anything, especially our government.  Not everyone is handed the same set of cards.  Trust me I know from experience.  However, you must play with the cards you are dealt.  Some have better cards than others.  Yet even those with poor hands have accomplished the most amazing things.  Please keep in mind, I do believe in giving.  I do believe in supporting good causes.  I believe in charity and helping those in great need, the mentally ill, elderly, widowed, and handicapped.  I believe in taking care of those who become financially devastated by no fault of their own.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  We must always strive to take care of our veterans and their families to whom may be left without them while dying serving our country.

Did you know Henry Ford only completed 8th grade.  Did you know Michael Jordan missed over thousand baskets.  Did you know that Thomas Edison had dozens of failed inventions.  Did you know that Walt Disney went bankrupt numerous times.  The list goes on and on.

I like the story and life of Nick Vujicic. http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.com   He was born with no legs and no arms.  He even came to the point of wanting to kill himself.  Yet he did not, he pressed forward.  He was not dealt with an average persons hand.  He didn’t even have hands to hold the cards!  Yet he discovered the faith he had in the creator of the universe and he is a successful motivational speaker and writer.  He is happily married and has children.  He makes a positive impact to thousands of people in multiple continents.

“Beware the greedy hand of  government thrusting itself in  every corner and crevice of industry.”  Thomas Paine

Democracy works better when the government gets out of the way.  Heck, that is what we fought for when our forefathers founded this country.  We wanted freedom.  Did you hear me, we wanted “FREEEEDOM!”  Did I sound like William Wallace from Braveheart?  Okay, maybe not.  But I am hoping you may get my point.  We did not want taxation without representation.  We wanted religious freedom. We wanted freedom of speech.  We wanted inalienable rights to pursuit of happiness, and enterprise.  We wanted to be able to create our own destinies and not under a monarch or dictatorship rule.

Look, unfortunately we are not all created equal.  Some people are born with more advantages economically, or better physically, or mentally.  However we all should have equal rights and equal opportunities.  Some people are born with more money, or what may be called as a “silver spoon”.  Some people may be born with more physical talents to become remarkable athletes.  Some people may be born with a mental handicap or physical handicap.  However those “handicaps” didn’t let many people from achieving extraordinary results and accomplishments.

Okay back to the direction of the subject of this post.  I believe in free enterprise.  It is what built this nation.  I believe in smaller government, it is the reason we formed this nation.  I believe in sound morality, it is why many sought a place to where they could worship freely.  In fact most of the people who formed our nation, constitution and Bill of Rights were Christians and at the least Deists.

I believe in a strong military.  We are the most powerful, and most protected nation in the world.  It should remain that way.  Please understand, I do not believe war is ever the answer.  However, we must be prepared, and we must be protected.  We also should not be willing to set down and ignore atrocities, violations of human rights, and genocide to occur in other areas of the world.  Radical extremist and terrorists such as ISUS that seek to destroy innocent lives and the pursuit of equal/civil rights cannot be permitted to take over cities, countries and the world.  Genocide is never acceptable.

I may believe in some fair trade.  However it should and needs to be FAIR.  I hate to see corporations and jobs go overseas.  This may be a tough problem to solve.  You see, you have companies, even start-ups trying to make a profit, survive and grow.  Often the solution seems to outsource oversees as the wages and costs in the U.S. are too high and the savings overseas is immense.  Yet it puts Americans workers out of work.  We must find viable solutions to create and maintain more in the U.S.  To strive to provide a much superior product and service here in the U.S.  To look for innovation and reward it accordingly.

Education should always be a priority.  We must strive to provide the most educated citizens on the planet and make a way for as many who want a better education to be able to find it and afford it.

Immigration law.  Oh boy, this seems to be a “hot” topic.  First of all, most of us came from immigrants.  I am part Irish with my great grandmother coming right out of Dublin Ireland to the U.S.  My mother’s side is more American Indian.  Cherokee Indian.  However, we do need to protect our borders.  Every sovereign nation does. I am for legal immigrants,  Follow the law, go through the process, and reap the rewards of becoming a legal citizen.  My great grandmother had to and did.  So can everyone else.

This post could go on forever…  : )

How about you?  Why or why not?  Please share and post on my blog.  Let’s have a good engagement and share opinions, insights, and perspectives.

– DW


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