Criticize by Creating

I recently seen a quote by a smart Christian man that has created and continues to create a lot of things. He said “criticize by creating.”

What does this statement of, “Criticize by creating” mean to me?

Some may invest an ample amount of time criticizing and complaining about things, situations, and circumstances in the world, in our nation, and within their own communities.  There may certainly be many things to criticize and complain about.  There is much uncertainty and to some that brings fear.

I realize it may be easy to criticize and complain.  To vent about how things are, or may seem to be.  With information streaming in all forms of media vehicles, it can easily become overwhelming and negative.  Some may even prefer that a person or people get on the “band wagon” of complaining to the point to even protesting.

Well it is certainly a person’s right to exercise freedom of speech in a peaceful manner in most democratic based nations. However I prefer to make an effort to be the change in the world I’d like to see.  In other words, create, do and be that change.  To criticize by creating.

creating_serving_foodInstead of complaining about the homeless, or what some call “beggars” in the streets, how about buying them a meal or ordering them a cab to the local shelter, food bank, health clinic, or job fair?  How about serving them food at a local missions or outreach center and donating some of your extra time? How about buying them a new suit, a gift card to a restaurant, or to a work site?

Instead of complaining about the current political situation, how about doing ample research and exercise your constitutional rights in voting for the candidates you believe would do the best job? If you still feel no one may do a good job, then support someone you think will.  I believe God will bless your efforts and work.  Remember, God is the true King, and understands your heart and desires, and will ultimately rewards your works in His due time according to His purpose. 2 Chronicles 7:14

Instead of complaining about your economical situation, how about seeking a better job, or eliminating as much debt as possible. A person may seem to think that is impossible. However what in your life and daily activities can you cut back on?  Do you really need that expensive suit, new clothes, new car, or expensive cup of coffee?  How about creating a plan, and a budget and sticking to it? How about seeking minimalism? There are plenty of second hand stores to get just about anything and they are often in excellent and usable shape. Does a person need more than one T.V.? Don’t some of us already spend too much time watching T.V. when we may need to spend more time with friends, family and with God?  There are also plenty of discount grocery stores with “off name” brands and great prices.  Most are just as good, and with similar tastes.  How about making a list of what you want, what you need, and what is crucial to survival.  You may be surprised with what you can get by with and save an enormous amount of money.

Instead of complaining on how “out of shape” you may be.  How about starting a “baby-step” program.  Start walking a mile or two in the evening and keep adding a few yards every few days. Maybe dust off that bicycle and ride to the grocery store, movies, or church.  Do a few sit ups, push ups, squats, and jumping jacks.  You don’t have to start with a big work out program or spend a large amount at a gym to make great strides and progress in being a more healthy you.  Maybe try some new diets.  There are plenty of tasty vegetarian and vegan diets.  Cut out some of the late night snacks, and unhealthy foods and substitute them with some health tasty alternatives like fruit, dried fruit, raw vegetables, real fruit smoothies.  Grill and bake meats instead of frying. Many fast food restaurants now have more healthy menus.

creating_JesusInstead of complaining about the wickedness in this world, nation, or your community and maybe volunteer your time in that Neighborhood Watch, and support your local police department. Teach your children and other children about how to be safe, and respect the laws and authority. Praise and promote those who do good in your community and across the world. Take an active role in reporting suspicious behaviors and let it be known that there is zero tolerance for crime and violence in your neighborhood.  Go to a church and seek that higher power, and greater purpose.  To me it is the one and only true God and the Savior of humanity in Jesus Christ.  Spread the Good News, be generous, kind, and help one another. Learn wisdom from the bible and implement it in your life, your children’s lives, and the community. It is NOT about “religion” it is about a relationship.  Jesus Christ Himself said that the greatest of all commandments was to “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind and soul” and the second is “Love thy neighbor as thyself”  I believe if there is more compassion, more empathy, and more love, this world would be a whole lot better.  To me love will find a way.  The Apostle Paul said himself, that the greatest things in life are faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of all is love. Jesus taught love, generosity, compassion, peace, and that it is not about “religion” it is about relationship.  Relationship with the creator in the Heavenly Father, a relationship with Him as the savior of all those who believe, and relationship with humanity in love and forgiveness.

creating_AlbertEiensteinThere are so many good causes and great organizations in the world, in our nation and in your community.  Support or volunteer your time to organizations that feed the hungry, help the poor, comfort the widows and orphans, and minister to the down trodden. Serve in your church, a good will cause fraternity or organization. Don’t see one you may like, then create one. Again, criticize by creating. Most of the readers of this blog reside in the U.S.A, you can start and create many things in the U.S.A.  You may also encourage, and inspire others to join you.

If we do not like the “state of affairs” of our community, nation, or the world than seek to be the change, criticize by creating.

creating_missionsWith me and my house, we serve and tithe in our local church and lead small groups.  I support missions, and plan to go on another missions trip to work, and serve. I support two out reach programs in my city. If I see a homeless person and it is what a feel a safe environment, I buy them food, sometimes give them money, and pray over them and for them. I serve in gospel missions by serving food and available time when I have it. I vote for those I have done thorough research that best represents what I believe is best for me, my children, and our future. I support my local large mental health organization in donations and fund raising activities. I help coach youth sports and I pray for the players before and after games. And if asked where my strength and determination comes from, I tell them God and a relationship with Jesus Christ.  I write a blog that I hope inspires and encourages others. I am also working on a book and a novel. I hope to eventually obtain my doctorate degree in Psychology to help others by becoming a Faith based Psychologist.  I am only one man, and I have several children. We may be few, but even one person can create, do, support, and bring about monumental changes for the good.  And with God All Things Are Possible.







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2 Responses to Criticize by Creating

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  2. Jill says:

    Thank you for your insight. Even gods doesn’t want us murmuring and complaining. It’s the small things in life that help make a change. Even if it start with a smile. I love the last quote by serving others we serve God.

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