We will find time for what we find important…

biblesunraysI have learned, long ago, people will find & make time for things, people and activities that are truly important to them. Often it’s their spouse, children, family members, and close friends. Sometimes it’s certain activities & actions. There is profound meaning to what the bible means, “For where ever your heart is, so will be your treasure.”

Don’t believe any of this? Do your own “deep” self analysis. Get out your day planner/calendar for the last three o so months, and do the same with your check book register. Then set back and see where both your time and money goes. You may be surprised, then again you may not, either way its a good self awareness exercise. Remember, when we leave this world, on our dying bed, we will not say we wish we spent more time at the office, at work, or in front of the TV. We wont say we wish we ate more fine foods, buckets of beer or soda… We all can make time for what, and who is truly important to us.

familyiseverythingI know I am going to do some adjusting myself, especially given what I have been through over the last 60 days. I have some great books I am catching up on, loved ones I am calling, writing, and trying to get rides to see. I got that self improvement/grief recovery book I have been trying to complete for more than two decades. I certainly cherish every second with my children, close family & friends. I sure do miss my brothers, and hope my Mom and Dad stay in good health. I know my Dad has not been well for some time. I never want to miss a Sunday in church.(I love my time with the Trinity!) Yup, I am one who likes watching the sunrise and sunset. I make time to call or at the very least, text 3 friends/family members a day… I love life, I love God, and I am certainly blessed with so many amazing people in my life. I thank God for it all almost every day. I told God when He saved me and my life the last time, that I would make much effort not to squander the time He has given me. Not just for the second time, but now for the third time! I believe that I have so much I want to give back, and things I want to experience with my children, family, & close friends. I hope I do not let those I love & admire, down. I know I am not perfect, very far from it. None of us are.

siezethedaycaptainmycaptainWe just have today. The now. Yesterday is a “cancelled check”, tomorrow is a “promissory note”, today is now, that is why it’s called “The PRESENT.” Enjoy your day friends & family. May you launch each day with Purpose, navigate with Principles, and explore with Passion! By His grace, we are saved. By His wounds, we are healed. ~ Blessings, ~ DW

About DW

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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1 Response to We will find time for what we find important…

  1. jillkacz says:

    Great post … thanks for sharing. Life Can get so hectic running from event to event we forget to stop and enjoy the precious family and friends we are surrounded by. I to learning to stay in the moment.

    Hope all is well.


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