stress, Stress, STRESS!

Stress, stress, STRESS!
It happens to us all. So many things in life may cause stress and it is not healthy. Trust me, I have had more than my fair share of stress. So what are some ways to help relieve stress? Here are my TOP 10 of some actions, and techniques I use to relieve stress.
1) Breath in slowly & exhale slowly, Even add the counting to 10 and then count backwards if you have to. Often when under stress we do not breath enough and take in enough oxygen. So breathing in this manners helps the intake of oxygen. It also allows you to be enough distracted as not to allow stress or anger to escalate.
2) Soft or inspirational music. I have always enjoyed music and it may often provoke a certain level of calmness as well as energy. I wake up each morning listening to inspirational music as well as end my day with inspiration, classical or softer music
3) Exercise. It doesn’t have to be a full blown work out plan or a visit to the gym. Simple set-ups, push ups, & squats may suffice. And plenty of stretching. Exercise allows you to also “burn off” some aggression as well as distract you from focusing on things that my be bothering you and hinder ruminating.
4) Go to the fridge and grab a couple ice cubes. Yes, ice cubes. The shock of the cold ice cubes in your hand may often provide both a calming effect, as well as a distraction enough for you to calm down, and think more clearly. Rub them in your hands a few times.
5) Prayer. Prayer allows you to unplug from the world and plug into God. He is always listening and wants to hear about what is bothering you. Ask him to remove it from your mind and heart. Ask him to take these burdens over, and give you clear direction on what you should do.
6) Read or write. I know, it can be tough to read and focus if you are stressed out. However, reading the bible in the book of Psalms has often worked for me to relax, as well as rejoice in Gods favor and wisdom. While I mention wisdom, the book of Proverbs is excellent for learning about wisdom and you may often find a “golden nugget” or two on how to handle the stress of your current circumstance.  In regards to writing, I like to write, as well as keep a journal from time to time to vent my frustrations or work out and through my stressors, Or to write out how I am blessed. Basically take a “blessings inventory”.  If you truly take a few minutes to count your blessings, you may find that your stress is rather minor in comparison to how you may be truly blessed.
7) Take a “Time Out” Yes, put yourself in time out and meditate. Hum, whistle, even sing softly if you have to. Either way it may be good to take a little time out, to calm down, reflect, re-focus and re-energize.
8) Perform a random act of kindness. It may be difficult at times to ruminate on your own worries, obstacles and challenges when you are blessing or serving others. Just do it with a generous, and open heart, and you may discover it is an excellent way to relieve stress and realize you may not have it so bad after all, and you benefit others and make a positive impact in another’s life.
9) Call a trusted friend that you may confide in. Allow this true friend to be that listening ear and provide some wise counsel and proactive instruction
10) Take a power nap. Some of the reasons you may be overly stressed and things are beginning to get to you is that you are sleep deprived. It happens to people that they may not even realize it with their busy and hectic schedules. Statistics have proven that a power nap every now and then can be energizing and recharging. So if you are able, and your work schedule may be flexible enough, instead of eating a heavy lunch, grab a quick salad and use the other 30 minutes for a brief power nap. And by all means work on a schedule and develop a habit to get at least 8 hours of sleep in. Even if you have to start going to bed earlier.
Blessings & Peace,

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  1. Fantastic Post and Splendid tips.
    I vote for all of them and Endorse this Write Up.
    I have posted one on Stress which made me land up here.

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