Diet products & plans; a $70.3 billion industry…

The diet products & plans result in a $70.3 billion industry. However, diets may not have to be expensive, nor extremely difficult. If we were to eat as we did a few thousand years ago, with the activities we had to do to sustain ourselves, we may all be a bit more at our ideal weights, & enjoy a long & much healthier life given our modern advances in medicine.

Personally I was blessed with certain genetics to where I never worried about being over-weight until I hit my 30s. A lot can change in your 30s such as metabolism, stress, over work, family, rushed dead lines, & more.

However, I believe adjusting to that metabolism change, eating better, & enjoying a more healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be as difficult, or as expensive as some may think.

Here are some tips, & strategies that have worked for others, including myself:

Time to ride yourself of soda pops. Even the diet sodas that can sometimes be worse than regular sodas. Try fruit infused water, real fruit juices. It you like the “fiz” in your drinks, then simply add carbonation.

Stay way from enriched breads, & pastas. Go instead with whole grains & genuine whole grain breads. Pastas are even made out of vegetables in addition to whole grains.

Step away from the sugars. If you prefer to sweeten something up, try organic raw honey instead. Or fruit or real fruit juices. Remember high fructose corn syrup is not your friend. It can be your enemy. Anything overly processed or chemically changed, enhanced or overly preserved is not typically a good thing. Read those labels. The canned good labels too. It may be better to simple crush your own salsa, & sauces, and flash freeze fresh fruits & vegetables. This can be fun, and very experiential too.

Fried has lied. Although fried foods may taste good, and tempt your taste buds while being prepared or smelled. Most are typically not good for you.  If you cannot resist the occasional fried food, then stick with olive oil in preparation, and use something other than enriched bread crumbs, or flour for the breading.  Dried vegetable crumbs may often be a great substitute for bread crumbs or other flour related breading or crusts.

Step away from the Sodium Chloride, aka Table Salt. If you like to flavor things up, then choose Sea Salt, and real pepper. add a variety of fresh peppers to spicing things up.

Go Green, Orange & Red. Eat those colorful vegetables as much and as often as possible. Try to choose organic if possible.

Go nuts. There are so many varieties of nuts out there that are very tasty.

Try Vegan. I try to go on a 21 Day Daniel Fast every 3 to 4 months, and I enjoyed all the fruits, vegetables, nuts, & beans out there. Even bean and veggie burgers were very tasty. With this diet, you must stick to vegetables, fruits, nuts and beans. Nothing associated with animals, or dairy. The results have been impressive for me in not just physical and mental health, but Spiritual as well.

Take a trip to the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean Diet that is. I have found this is one of the most easiest diets to stick with and potentially make it a lifestyle. Rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, oils, fresh poultry & fish. You can also enjoy some good wine here and there if you drink or like wine.

You cannot stand still. You must exercise. However, you may not need to join an expensive gym or buy a bunch of hardware. A brisk walk each morning. Add set ups, push ups, squats, leg lifts can do wonders. Get a bike, ride it for a few miles each morning. Go walk in and around a park. Your mind, & body will thank you and you may feel better, look better and think much better.

About DW

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of seeking to launch life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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