Our boys are watching..

Dad’s of young children, your children are listening, observing and absorbing. When I was growing up, I rarely ever seen my dad cry. I never seen his dad cry. I can only recall maybe three times my dad ever cried. It was like the earth stood still.

My son seems to have the impression that crying is a sign of weakness. Maybe it’s because he has rarely ever seen me cry, or he was taught that by peers in school, or other influences. I must confess, it does take a lot for me to weep. However, as I have grown closer to God, I find myself being brought to tears during certain worship music, praying and laying hands over people for healing not just of the body, but of the heart, soul and mind. Hearing stories of salvation and overcoming immense challenges, especially around strong men as they fight tears back in revelation, has brought me to tears.

It takes a lot to change how you may have been raised. Taught what is acceptable and what is not. The thing is the strongest man that ever lived, wept. In fact, “Jesus wept” is the shortest verse in the bible for one of the most profound examples. He did not weep over the death of Lazarus as He knew He would resurrect him. He wept over the sadness of his family, friends and the crowd. Jesus wept over mankind.

Obviously us as men need to represent strength to our children. We are wired to be protectors and defenders. We are symbols of a sold rock, built and molded by the true solid rock in God, & His Son. However, there is a time to cry. To demonstrate strength is shedding a tear, mourning, and letting go. If God manifested in the flesh in His Son, Jesus Christ, wept, then we in His image, may weep.

Remember Paul wept (Acts. 20:31), Peter wept (Mark 14:72), Jesus wept (John 11:35)



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