“I don’t have time to make it to church every Sunday.” “I don’t have time to read the bible.”  “I don’t have time to get in a church group.”  I barely have enough time to sleep and eat.”

Wonder where your time and resources go?  It is relatively easy to discover.  Simply pull out or go online and check your check book ledger for the last 30 to 90 days, in addition to day planner or electronic online or smartphone calendar.

The thing is most people will find time and resources for things that are most important to them.  If you are a workaholic like I was (still have that tendency) then you may see your schedule filled with work related, income producing, or what is deemed productivity building activities. If you are a sports or music enthusiast, you may see you schedule filled with football games, or music concerts.  If your kiddos are in a lot of sports, you may see soccer, lacrosse, football, dance, and recitals fill your calendar. You get the point.

There is also a biblical perspective to where your heart is, your treasure is there too. I may have no problem dishing out a couple hundred bucks for an Ohio State Buckeye game, especially against ‘ishigan.  Or if my favorite band got back together for a reunion tour and was coming to my hometown, I may find some way to get the money to attend that concert.

The things is, we tend to find time, as well as possibly resources to get, attend or experience the things most important to us.  But what about our Spiritual Well Being? What about our relationship with our Creator?  What about sharing the hope and the Saving Grace to escape hell for others, most especially for the ones we love?

If Christ was able to change the world and lead a ministry of such a magnitude in just three years, could we not find time for Him?  Could we not carve out time to read the Word, be still and quiet and let Him speak to and into us?  Could we not find a mere one hour a week to be in a house of worship, to learn, grow, serve, become better equipped and go out?  Isn’t the One who suffered, died an agonizing death on the cross for us, that while we were sinners, died for each of us, worth some investment of time?  Isn’t that homeless person on the streets wondering were his or her next meal may come from, worth a lunch and kind word?  Isn’t that man or woman in prison worth a visit to share the Good News of hope?  Isn’t it worth gathering with fellow believers to share the joy, build one another up, learn and pray for one another?  Isn’t those young women sold into sex slavery worth praying for and possibly sharing your resources with to help get them out, and into work?  Isn’t that orphanage, or young boy or girl worth mentoring an hour a week?…… It all kind of changes our paradigm a bit doesn’t it.

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Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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