LONG READ” (However if I don’t share, “the rocks may cry out”)

LONG READ” (However if I don’t share, the rocks may cry out) I once witnessed a man being called out of a message for being “overly charismatic”, saying too many “Amens”, “Praise God” etc… I of course will not mention names, the church, or the event without written permission. I am not sharing this to embarrass a person, a church, or a movement with good intentions. However, I will share in hopes that people may realize God wants you to be you, the best version of you… I believe He wants you to be ALL IN.

As I watched this occur I was initially puzzled. It wasn’t until later I discovered exactly why this man was pulled out of a message. I know this man, a fellow brother in Christ, and warrior for spreading the hope & Good News of Jesus Christ. My answer to him was that he should have stated something like this, “If I didn’t praise God & my savior in this manner, the rocks would cry out.” I told this brother, you be you, & let the Holy Spirit flow as you feel He is compelling you & not to worry what others may think or say. It is not about a church, a human being, not even a movement, it is about you & God. You & the Holy Spirit.

As I started this post I had at least 6 more paragraphs elaborating on examples similar to this from a variety of churches and denominations. However, I stopped and deleted them as the purpose of this post is not to be critical of a church, or a denomination, or any woman or man of faith. The purpose of this post is to share that it is okay to worship as the Holy Spirit leads. It is okay to demonstrate your faith in public as you believe the Holy Spirit is leading contrary to what a church, or man, or denomination declares, in my opinion. Because it is not about them, it is about HIM.

If we can stand up at sporting events, or rock concerts and shout and sing, would we not feel compelled to do the same for our Savior the saved our soul? Now I am not saying be disrespectful to others, or be so distracting that someone could not hear or understand a message. I believe the Holy Spirit is not the author of confusion as the Word states; so there is a place for being quiet and organized. However, if we are exercising our Spiritual Gifts as we feel called, they may be bold and gregarious at times for a reason. If a message convicts you and touches you in a manner that you want to say “Amen”. “Hallelujah” “Praise God” “Yes, Jesus” give applause, by all means, do it, or as the Word states, “the rocks may cry out.”

In addition, if we love our God with all our hearts, soul & minds, as well as love our neighbor as our self as Jesus answer as the greatest of all commandments; then we should be eager to utilize our Spiritual Gifts to full capacity. Which may include not sitting in the back seats, with your hands folded, nearly falling asleep. It means getting into the game with enthusiasm. People like to be around enthusiastic, optimistic people. I say be on fire for Jesus. Not necessarily obnoxiously on fire, but eager & ready to share the joy and hope you have. To use your gift of exhortation, or teaching, or administration/helps, of mercy, of apostleship, of prophesy…. to it’s fullest. If it is supporting a message that speaks to your heart and soul, then yes, shout an Amen, or Praise God. The purpose is give attention to God, not us, and I think people would be attracted to that enthusiasm. The cheerleading for Jesus, and may want to learn more and dig deeper. To support and be on the winning team. Although the world may think differently, or that think that believers are under dogs; but, we as believers, realize we are on the winning team, as we know who ultimately wins in the end.

In my opinion as I close, if the Holy Spirit is gripping you to weep, or kneel, if He is gripping you to raise hands up high or dance, if He is gripping you to sing & shout; go ahead, or the rocks may cry out, or the rocks may weep, or the rocks may dance. As believers we are the rocks being molded, who are built on solid rock and ground in Jesus Christ; therefore as when called by the Holy Spirit, let’s ROCK n ROLL.

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