Where is your “treasure” hidden or invested?

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” — Matthew 6:21

Some may not realize how profound this particular and short verse in the bible actually is. You see our treasure can be much more than just mere finances or associated to currency or material wealth. A treasure to me is anything a person considers of great worth.

For example, time is priceless. You cannot buy more time, and once it is spent, once it is invested, you cannot get more time back. Time should be invested wisely. How are you investing your time? How much time are you investing in your work, verses investing it in your family? How much time are you investing it in unworthy activities, verses investing it in accomplishing your goals, dreams and accomplishing your vision? In the scope of life or even eternity, is it worth work to the late hours and missing your child’s sports games, or recital? I do not think when we are on our death beds that the first thing we may be saying is that we wish we spent more time at the plant or in the office. Remember children grow very quickly and we only have those 18 years to make the most positive impact we may in their lives for them to mature into responsible adults and good parents. Do we invest more time watching our favorite sports teams than we do in worshipping God on Sunday? Do we invest more time in front of the TV or even on social media than we do in interacting with our family being attentive and engaging with them? Do we prefer to serve ourself on daunting activities or shopping for the latest gadget, new toy or favorite third vacation spot, or do we serve others who are less fortunate, hungry or homeless? Do we invest time in making sure we have the most manicured and detailed lawn while the aging widow next door is too weak to mow or to pay to have her own lawn mowed as it grows over?

How about talents. Your talents are gifts from God. Most especially your Spiritual Gifts. How are we using them? I also believe in the saying, “use them or lose them.” If you have a talent of singing, playing a musical instrument, are you using them to make a positive impact in the lives of others? Are we sharing this musical talent with others whether in church, or on the street corner? If you have the gift of conversation or humor, are you speaking to others in an effort to show how important they are? Are we using it to bring a smile and joy to the lives of others? If you have the gift of teaching or leadership, are you teaching and leading others just in the classroom or the corporate boardroom or are you also mentoring a youth, volunteering for your child’s athletics teams, or in a ministry or charitable organization? Your talents are not to be squandered or hidden. They are meant to be used to bless others and give glory to God.

It is okay to work hard to provide for your family and your future. In fact you should work hard at whatever you are assigned to do. You have to work to make an earnings. It is also okay to enjoy relaxation as we require rest and the Creator of the universe rested, so did His Son, Jesus Christ. It is also good to play and enjoy the creations that God has provided. However, the things and people you love and value the most, will, or should at least be given a level of precedence, and everyone can or should carve out priceless time for those they love and to serve others. No one is or should be so busy not to be able to create appropriate margin for what truly matters.

Where are your treasures? Who and what do you treasure the most? For what we treasure we will invest priceless time, our talents, and our financial means.

~ DW

About DW

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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