Marks of a Great Man…

My son is & has been at the age he is all about manly things & attentively observing what it is to be a man. Even when I am unaware he is listening & observing. He is 14. It seems many boys strive to seek their masculine identity starting around as early as the age of 10. If they do not find it at home, they will find it somewhere, in something, or someone. So what do I, an old man as I think a great man is? What do I think the Marks of a Great Man are? I agree with much of what Pastor Brian Tome shares in his book, “The 5 Marks of a Man”, as well as what Author John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministries shares in many of his books. However, I am going to list my opinion, perspective & thoughts in a Top 10:

1. ) A Man is a man of his word. His word is his bond. He exudes integrity in all that he says and does.

2. ) A good Man is not a harmless man, a good man is a very dangerous man that has it all under voluntary control

3. ) A Man loves his wife and children in words, actions & deeds

4. ) A Man can admit where and when he was wrong, apologize & seek forgiveness with humility

5. ) A Man strives to learn from his mistakes and improve

6. ) A Man takes a minority position for what is honorable, true, moral, sound, and right even if he has to stand alone

7. ) A Man has a vision. He regularly sets goals, strives to achieve them, and set them a bit higher each time. If he fails, he knows it’s not the end, unless he does not get back up. He strives to learn and grow

8. ) A Man is a protector and defender. He protects those he loves, those under his guard with all means at his disposal even if it may cost him his life

9. ) A Man is a team player. He realizes to be the best he looks to not only a core team, a close and wise circle of influence, a “wolf pack”, but thinks more of those around him, and the team, than he does himself only, be encouraging, inspiring and helping one another with accountability

10.) A Man works and takes pride in what he does as it is good to work, no matter what job, career or position, he works hard as to the Lord and not unto mankind. He ardently pursues excellence in his work, at home, and whatever he lays his hands to, but not perfectionism

About DW

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of seeking to launch life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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