So you’re “Billy Bad Ass”?…

First of all, I get a lot of people sharing with me their opinion. Especially what I should say and should not say, write, post, or do a video recording upon as a Christian. The thing is that I know my ikigai (if you do not know that word, I suggest you google it and research it a bit). I also know what I am about, most of my strengths, most of my weaknesses, and to Whom I serve. And the Whom I serve is not necessarily the opinions of humanity. (Colossians 3:23–24)

However, no matter if or how many times I may say that, I still get the scoffs, eye rolls, opinions, and hate mail. In which I am sure I am going to get one with the title I just shared with the word “Ass” in it. Just so those reading this may realize, ass is in the bible, so are a few other curse words, some you may not even realize they are a bit of a curse word the way they are written from Greek to English or Hebrew to English. I have not changed my perspective that our words should be honorable, encouraging, and edifying. You will rarely hear me curse, not just because our words can give life or death, (Proverbs 18:21). Nor that the fact I am to strive to be a new creation under God and what Jesus Christ did for me being that I am dead to sin, and alive in Christ, (Romans 6:11, Galatians 2:20). It is often the fact that I have been raising children for over 26 years and still raising them. However, sometimes certain words, including curse words, are needed to get a certain reaction, drive home a point, or draw immediate attention.

Let me provide an example. I have friends in the military. Some of them are, or were, Drill Sergeants, or COs. Now one of the purposes of Boot Camp is to tear out the civilized demeanor of a person, to build them back up to be a warrior that can follow orders extremely well, whom can be depended upon in battle or at the time of war. So certain intensity, as well as words, may be needed to accomplish this. Still don’t believe me? Okay, let’s say you are in the middle of battle, and your leader says in a kind and gentle voice something like this, “Would you mind too terribly Mr. John Doe to pick up that rifle and aim it at that man over there that is shooting at us, please, and pulling the trigger as you are able?” or do you think something like this may get a quicker and more immediate response, “Soldier shoot that ba — -rd, before he blows our fu — g heads off!”

So now that I have shared that perspective and my own opinion before I get another person’s opinion, what does my title of my article mean when I write, “So you’re a Billy Bad Ass”? Well let me expound a bit upon it…

I am obviously a man that has a few decades on him. I was also raised with two other brothers in not the best part of town by some people’s perspectives. I did not realize it. For me, as a child to becoming a man, I thought most all towns were like this for the most part. Being raised where I was, along with two brothers, the circles we were around, and the streets we walked; I learned that most true tough guys were often not the loudest or most boisterous about it. At least the ones that I observed that had true grit, and of an ample character that was well respected. I found the true “Billy Bad Asses” you did not know about, well, until business had to be handled, or a person crossed the line.

These “Billy Bad Asses” were more reserved in certain environments. They first were very observant. They seemed to be more about watching others, observing entry ways, and exits, and rarely had their backs to the door or windows. They didn’t speak of how tough they were, the fights or battles they won. They did not soak in the glory of having to physically tear some one down, or apart. What I also observed is that they were men of their words. If they said they were going to be somewhere, they were there. If they made you a promise, they would never break that promise. If you needed them in a fight for something right, to have your six, whether as a moral booster, verbally, or if it may require it, physically. They were men you could count on.

One early example was when I was in about 8th grade. There was new kid of a slightly different or mixed ethnic background that came to our school. Quickly, the bullies, and taunters came out of the wood works. They would make fun of his clothing, his ethnic background, and often this lad would ignore the words, and taunts and be about his own business, going to class, and obeying the rules. Then it began to get physical. A taunt from a classmate here or there, then a firm push by a bully shoving this new classmate against the locker with a calling out to meet after school for a fight. This new classmate would typically respond rather calmly, but this time he said, “I do not believe you really want to do this, do you?” Of course the bully said “absolutely”, with some other profanity, and the new classmate agreed to meet.

As usual, when the bell rang, there was a gathering just outside the school grounds with the kids shouting, “fight, fight, fight”. One boy pushed the new classmate, while another tripped him and he fell to the ground. Then, I do not believe I have seen a youth jump up that fast with a 1, 2, 3 punch and knock down as I seen this new classmate deliver. The other kid that tripped him began to charge him, and the new classmate punched him so fast with several punches to the stomach, and face that I thought I might be witnessing a young Mohammed Ali. The kids that were chanting, “fight, fight, fight” were now speechless with most of their mouths dropped open. The new classmate dusted himself off, picked up his books, and began to walk home while the bully was crying with a bloody nose while running off, and the other was trying to get his wind back into his lungs while grabbing his jaw and stomach trying to determine what just took place.

I soon found out that this new classmate was a competitive junior boxer, and had been training in boxing for many years. He never told anyone. He never talked a big talk, nor of his victories or years of boxing. I had respect for this new fellow classmate, and to me, he was a true “Billy Bad Ass”. He also became a good friend until he moved away a year or two later.

As I grew up, I have had the fine opportunity to meet and become good friends, or mentees with several true “Billy Bad Asses” in my life. One is my friend, and mentor growing up, my Master Sensei. He is rather small Japanese man that by looking at him, your first impression was that he may not be the best at handling himself in a fight. He is of small frame and stature. However, you would be very wrong. Even now at the age of 77, he is one of the fastest, and most powerful martial artists I know who can deliver a punch that may make you feel as though you were sent back in time, or out of your physical self. However, he is very humble, rather quiet, generous, and kind. Outside of the dojo, he does not carrying on about any type of battles he has won, how many knock outs he has achieved, how many boards or bricks he can break. Most often, he is more interested in you, what you have to say, what brings you joy, and contentment.

Those that I now may often call true “Billy Bad Asses”, are now what I may call “Violent Men of God”. These men may fear very few other men, if any at all, but Who they do fear is God. They are humble, reserved, and typically first focus on observing you, what you are about, what may also bring you joy and contentment, especially if they like you. They also have no problem taking a stand for what is truly good, sound, and moral; even if they have to stand alone. They are men that I know and confident that they have my back, especially when I need them, twenty four seven. Not necessarily for physical defense or protection, but for moral support, inspiration, encouragement and well as accountability. These type of “Billy Bad Asses”, and/or “Violent Men of God” get their wisdom from the Word, the counsel of other wise men, and their love for the Beautiful Outlaw in Jesus Christ. And yes, they are most certainly Holy enough to pray for you, but Hood enough to swing on you (if necessary).

God has used Violent Men of God to accomplish many things, and I believe He also used them to forge a new nation which is the United States of America. I also believe God still utilizes them to this very day. Whether that is on the battle field defending freedom, in homes with them protecting their families, and yes in churches to protect the congregation. In the Christian Motorcycle Clubs, these men often hold the title of “Enforcer” or “ Sergeant At Arms” You may not be able to identify them, especially at first. They are often not the loudest, nor the most flashy to draw attention to themselves, especially not their skills. However, what you may see is that they are not too far away, constantly observing, taking the current situation in, and will seek first to get to know you, your intent, and what you are about. Personally, I do thank God for them.

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