BACK on TRACK from LACK and SLACK Challenge!

Back On Track from Lack and Slack Challenge!

With this challenge we are celebrating getting back on track as the states open up from the COVID19 Social Distancing and Stay at Home, to get back in motion, get back to the gym, get back to healthy eating, Fasting, and more…

Three things to remember with this Challenge:

1.) 10k Week Day Step Goal or 50k in a week

2) 21 Day Daniel Fast which more info may be found at this link:

3.) The Gospel of the Book of John challenge. Read a chapter a day for 21 days for each day of the entire challenge as the book of John is only 21 chapters.

We will initially begin this challenge on June 1st, 2020. Post your take-aways, perspective, encouragement, inspiration, prayers in comments here below in comments of this post, or at our FaithFit Facebook group page here:

RULES: You must have, or purchase, a step counter whether that is your smartphone, a Fitbit, or any other device that can accurately track your steps, that you can share with us on a daily to weekly basis. The 21 Day Daniel Fast is the most difficult the first week, but stick to it. You can do this. It’s only 3 weeks! It has more than just physical benefits, you should also gain spiritual and mental benefits. Post Daily or at least weekly on your progress and join me by sharing some comments. You must begin with a weigh in. Do not be shy, we are all in this together, to encourage, inspire and help keep one another with accountable. You will need to stay committed to a chapter a day of the book of John, and share your Take Aways, Perspective ,or how God may be speaking to you.

DISCLAIMER: Before beginning any exercise program, change in diet, please always first consult with your physician. The author of this challenge, FaithFit, or any person or entity associated, or connected otherwise, is not responsible for any results positive or negative from this challenge.


~ DW



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Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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