Editorial Opinion…

I am proud to be an American and feel that I am incredibly blessed to be a citizen of this wonderful country, the land of the Free because of the Brave. I am an avid fan and support of our great Constitution which includes my 2nd Amendment Rights. I am relatively a conservative, however I do not categorize myself to one political party or the other. I am pro-life, and believe All Lives Matter which includes those that begin at conception. I am a fan of Free Enterprise, Ethical Capitalism and Constitutional Government. Which includes peaceful protests, not riots, damage of property, and violence upon the innocent. I am pro Small Business and believe it to be the backbone of America.
I do not believe anyone, owes any one, anything, except that of an employer to an employee for a hard day’s work and that of a parent to nurture, provide, & raise their children into responsible, God fearing, civilized, and mature adults. You cannot control who your parents are, where you were born, nor your ethnicity. However, you can control how you play the cards your dealt, and what you do with each gift of each new day. Once you are an adult, you are responsible for you, your actions, your time , and how you decide to invest, or waste it.
Although I do not feel worthy to be called a Christian, I believe in the One God of the Bible & confess Jesus Christ as my Savior. I am humbled, and so thankful HE thought I was worth it. Therefore I strive to chase Him, to Whom I call the “Beautiful Outlaw”. I read the Word & Pray every day for my country, family, & friends. I may turn my cheek once, but I leave second chances, or more up to God as I am no door mat, punching bag, & have no time or patience for toxic people or toxic relationships. Abusing someone physically, mentally or emotionally is all abuse and should not have to be tolerated, nor accepted.
I love my children more than words may express. It is the first part of my personal Purpose Statement, “To pour as much love and wisdom into my children as possible…” I will protect my children and family with all my skills, ability, and everything at my disposal with extreme prejudice. They are also taught & trained likewise. I also believe you respect not just your elders, but your parents whom helped give you life, and you make sure to be there to help them as they age beyond their golden years.
If I say I am going to do something, I do it. If I say I am going to be somewhere, I will be there. Chronic tardiness simply shows a disrespect not only for the other person’s time, but your time, and the testimony of your own character.
If I call you friend, I mean it. If I call you Brother (or Sister), it means you have earned my highest respect. If I tell you “I love you” I mean it. I never take those three words lightly. If I call you a combination of all the above, then there is just about nothing I wouldn’t do, within reason, to help you. Trust me when I state this, I take care of those who take care of me. It is not about a certain amount of friends, it’s about friends you can be certain of.
The importance of respect, (respect of wise elders and those in just authority), honor, integrity was taught to me at a young age, and I began teaching it’s importance and valor to my children at a young age. A person is only as good as his word, and it is something that cannot be taken from a person, unless that person, themselves lose it by their own actions and words. Similarly, although I try to use wisdom and empathy, if you do not want my honest opinion, or to hear the truth, then simply do not ask me my opinion or what I believe or know to be the truth.
I am also not easily swayed, nor led astray. Education, experiences, and the ability to learn expeditiously, as well as a few decades of life has also taught me a few lessons. I am not easily deceived, nor manipulated. I strive to verify, validate, and re-verify things, words, and circumstances. No one speaks for me, especially over paid athletes (who should just play the game when it is on my dime) and celebrities, I can certainly speak for myself, and will when necessary or Called.
No, I do not believe the COVID19 is some sort of “hoax” or “conspiracy”. I believe it is serious and taking lives. Think logically folks, all suffer in a Pandemic and shutting down counties, cities, states, and entire country. Every political power, small to enterprise corporation, and those involved in crime, all suffer revenue losses on large scales. However, I do believe the media, and possibly a political power, has blown it more out of proportion, and twisted the facts a bit to get subscriber, sell advertisements, or instill fear. I have grown a disdain for most cable/online news channels due to their inaccuracy and talking heads rambling winged & biased opinions. I rely on what I have researched and validated to be the most reliable. Want to know of them, then ask me.
No, I do not believe wearing a mask is taking away my rights, or some sort of “conspiracy”. If it may lessen the spread a minuscule, what is the big deal? I will wear a mask in public until a better solution or combination of solutions are provided. No matter if that solution may be or seem minor. Why is washing your hands often an issue? You should already be practicing good hygiene like this, just turn it up a bit. Stay 6 or more feet from people, for the interim. It’s not going to be forever. If you have symptoms, stay home, if they mirror COVID19, be wise and smart, and go get tested. Folks, at least for right now, this is simply called “adulting” in my opinion. Do not most of us have other more important things or activities to focus our priceless time upon than making a mountain out of a mole hill, screaming conspiracy theories, or get involved in un-productive, unedifying arguments or keyboard tirades to the point of physical violence?
I am a proud unapologetic American born as a caucasian with Irish and Cherokee descent. I stand to honor the USA flag, kneel at the cross, and will continue to vote for Constitutional Government.
If you do not like what I just wrote and posted or disagree with me. Well that’s your choice, your right, and well, your opinion. I simply shared mine. If it offends you and your face feels as though it may be burning up or your head may explode, relax “francis”. Maybe take a chill pill, visit your therapist, and take an inventory of your own life, logic, and priorities, Or you may simply scroll on by, or move on by, unfriend me, and I shall wish you the best.
Now I have to get back to loving my children, trying to earn something to provide for them and I, and embracing each moment of the gift of life that God has given me with purpose and passion.

About DW aka "Bro24"

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of seeking to launch life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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