“This map isn’t about COVID. This displays human trafficking across the U.S”

Human Trafficking Map

“Nope. This map isn’t about COVID. This displays human trafficking across the U.S. IT IS SHOWS YOU VISUALLY WHERE HUMAN BEINGS – INCLUDING YOUNG CHILDREN AND EVEN TODDLERS – ARE BEING ABUSED, EXPLOITED, ENSLAVED, TORTURED AND KILLED!! Note that the red means those areas that are very active! And these are just the ones that we know of!

If we think this is not happening in our backyards, we are mistaken. If we turn our heads because it’s too uncomfortable, then we are part of the problem. Let’s stop pretending this isn’t happening because we can’t comprehend it! That is not going to be part of the solution!

Something so destructive to human lives deserves national attention. I wonder if we started actively reporting the number of children that are going missing everyday — like COVID cases — would more people start paying attention? Why isn’t the media talking about human trafficking? Why aren’t influencers and celebrities speaking out on behalf of our children? Why aren’t we asking why they are staying silent?

We keep hearing what is for the “greater good” and it makes me question who we are overlooking? Who is part of this “greater good”? What about people who are unsafe – physically and otherwise – in their homes? What about the children hunkered down to be “safe” who are now at the whim of they abusers 24/7?! Who are now being sold online because they won’t be going to school in the fall and now they will be “put to work”? Did you know that Covid has increased the number of exploited children online by 30%?!!! 30%!!! You do the math. If 2 Million children are trafficked each year and now there is a 30% increase in the sale of children online, that is approximately 600,000 MORE children who can be purchased by the click of a mouse.

Where are all the children?!! Why is no one talking about this?!! Why? Because it isn’t the boogie man that is stealing, selling and trafficking these children. It isn’t the movie kidnapping type stuff. It is happening all around us, in people’s families, in middle schools and in your neighborhood and when you understand the typical “buyer’s” profile, you will know why we aren’t hearing about it.

Educate yourself about this vile industry at polarisproject.org and ourrescue.org

Help by spreading awareness. Help by understanding this is a $100++ Billion dollar industry and the U.S. is the #1 producer and CONSUMER of CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!! Yes, that is porn with CHILDREN in it!!!!!

Wake up and help!!!

If you want to hear how you can get involved, contact me. If you want to know where to start, here are some ideas:

1. Text 515-55 “HELPTHEM” and complete Operation Underground Railroad’s 10 Day Challenge to gear up for World Day on July 30th against Trafficking.

2. Go to www.ourrescue.org and purchase an official “Rise Up” tee and wear it proudly with me on July 30th!

3. Become an abolitionist through Operation Underground Railroad by joining a tribe of 10,000 and growing people who are donating as little as $5/month to help make a difference in this fight. Go to www.ourrescue.org/abolitionist-club to learn more and help.

4. Get loud and join the fight against human slavery. No one should ever have to live a life of fear or cruelty. Help spread awareness!”

~ Christa Hughes


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