I believe real men can take a minority position, and should if it is just, moral, sound.

Courage, resilience, perseverance, diligence, determination are all admirable words, but how many truly understand them or apply them. As I type this post which many also appear on my blog, it may sound brave to type it out and write this, but the effort of my fingers is minor, real courage comes from living it. Have you took a stand in what you truly believe is right, moral and sound, even if you stand alone? Oh it may be easy if a large crowd or even a “mob” goes along with you, but what if you are in the minority? I believe real men can take a minority position, and should if it is just, moral, sound.

Personally I have experienced being alone in my perspective, and what I truly believed was just, moral and sound and it has cost me. No, these were not unlawful acts, they were not acts of malice, against established rules or regulations, nor of inappropriate judgement.

I have been passed up for promotions to the point I was told I didn’t get the job because of my faith, or I didn’t go along with certain actions and activities that were against my convictions within my faith.

Even within “Christian” circles, I even told by an “church leader” that I was too much of a “Wild Card” because, I spoke truth one to one even though I followed Matthew 18:15-18. Or that I spoke too boldly, or was called to lead without this particular’s leader’s knowledge. Even though I have led countless ministries, been to seminary, and the Mission Field. I was then asked if I thought I was Jesus. My answer was, certainly not, but aren’t we all to strive to live and lead like Jesus, and He was considered an outlaw by the “religious” of that time. Later within that same church, a friend was asked to dismiss himself from a service because he said “amen” too often to a message and that he may be being “too religious” for the rest of the attendees. I no longer attend or support that “church.”

I have been told by a leader of a Christian organization that I should “go with the flow” even though it was against the guidelines, sound doctrine, or against biblical principles. I answered, Jesus was not one to “go with the flow” that was against His Father’s business. I was labeled a “rebel”.

I have been told by other entities to accept certain concepts or movements that were against family values, and constitutional rights as to please the masses. I said no, that I cannot rightly support that.

I have been threatened to accept and support things, activities or movements that go against my faith, family values, and sanctity of life or face expulsion, or possible termination. I said no, that I cannot rightly support that. I was never promoted again.
I was told by a “church” that mental illness is due to lack or faith or demonic possession. I spoke openly, with authority of education in the field, and the bible, that was wrong and that he just offended, and insulted the faith of, on average, 20% of his congregation.
I have had a church leader ask me to help remove a homeless person that smelled of liquor from the church. I said, “no”, let’s feed him, get him a hotel room, and connect him with some social services.

I have heard preachers preach that most all other regions and denominations are not of God and should not be accepted. I did not agree, and was told, “tough”, find another church.

I have been denied passages on a trip even though I purchased a ticket because I was “too Christian”, or asked to move to another table in an establishment because my family and I prayer before our meals.

I have been asked to remove rings, and necklaces because they were “too religious” or “not appropriate” or asked to remove a Motorcycle Club vest because it was “gang oriented” even though it was a Christian Motorcycle Club. In all instances I did not remove these items, an at one point escorted off the premises.

The list goes on…

You may be saying this can’t be, some of this must be when you were no in America, or on the Mission Field in a foreign country. Nope, this is all while residing in the USA.
The thing is that something you ardently believe in may cost you something. It may cost you a promotion. It may cost you money. It may cost you friends and yes, even family. In the bible, it cost almost every believer example something, and for some it cost them their lives.

As for me, I am willing to take a stand, even if I have to stand alone, because as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, as our work is unto the Lord and not man. (Joshua 24:15, Colossians 3:23-24)

Yes, I believe real men can, and should take a minority position for what they ardently believe in. To stand for what is true, moral and sound. It may not be easy, it may not be “fun”, it may cost a man something, but what does it truly cost in the big picture? What does it cost in the scope of eternity? What will it cost our children and their children if we do not stand?

Take hold of Courage, demonstrate bravery, do not only leave a legacy, live it.

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

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Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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