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What’s my story? What’s your story?

People have asked me most of my life where I get my energy, determination, and drive from. I was a rather active or some may say, hyper-active teenager, young adult, and often even now at my age. They have also … Continue reading

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“Weight Loss Program”? And Fad Diets…

I see all these solicitations for weight loss programs, and various diets. Many costing 100s to thousands of dollars. Some of them make me cringe, and sometimes even chuckle and how ridiculous they are. Although I encourage and support having … Continue reading

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Have you noticed recently?

Have you ever noticed how many Pastors, Churches, and common people now are casting and streaming bible messages, bibles studies, and devotionals? You may see people from every walk, upload these messages and stream them live. Do you think this … Continue reading

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