Have you noticed recently?

Have you ever noticed how many Pastors, Churches, and common people now are casting and streaming bible messages, bibles studies, and devotionals? You may see people from every walk, upload these messages and stream them live. Do you think this may all be a coincidence? Or may this be a Calling to the hearts and souls of mankind to heed to the Holy Spirit of getting the message out for times as these?

Think about it folks, most are not asking for anything in return, not money, or donations. Especially all the layman are not asking for a single thing but to lend an ear. They are investing their own priceless time, energy, efforts to broadcast these messages, bible studies, and devotionals.

Now think about this, why would 12 men of all walks, (fishermen, doctor, tax collector, wealthy and poor), follow a poor, humble man born in Bethlehem? Why would they drop and leave everything and follow Him? Why then, after this man’s death, then go all over to speak, and teach, as he taught, then die horrific deaths as well? May it be that Jesus was Whom He said He was and is?

Not a single person has impacted the world as Jesus did and has. No other writing has sold more copies, survived in tact, and predicted in great accuracy in prophecies fulfilled than the bible. No other leader, or “gods” of any “religion” has suffered, died, been buried, and resurrected as Jesus did. Jesus was prophesized thousands of years before his birth, and all was fulfilled by Him in those prophesies. Yet some, if not many, do not believe. Even though the Hebrews seen the miracles of God, they lost faith many times. Even though Thomas walked, talked, and was taught by Jesus, he doubted and had to touch the hands of the resurrected Jesus. How much more will those be blessed, and encouraged that have not seen, but yet believe?

If you do not believe, if you have not accepted His free gift, do you think that now may be the time? Remember we are not guaranteed tomorrow, we are not even guaranteed this next moment. The time is now.

If you are interested in learning more, if you have questions, if you would like to know more about Christ, God, and the bible and how you may receive this free gift of salvation, I would consider it a blessing and honor to speak with you, engage with you, tell you my story, and lead you to an understanding of the Gospel and a relationship with Jesus Christ. Simply ping me.

About DW

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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