“Weight Loss Program”? And Fad Diets…

I see all these solicitations for weight loss programs, and various diets. Many costing 100s to thousands of dollars. Some of them make me cringe, and sometimes even chuckle and how ridiculous they are.

Although I encourage and support having a good certified Personal Trainer and even a good certified Life Coach, (key is good & certified) most of this other stuff out there is “bunk”, and Fad Diets that sometimes you may lose the weight quickly, but it is often not sustainable. And after a person is off this “weight loss” or “diet” they gain all the weight back and even more.

There is no “secret pill” or secret to weight loss. It is not “Rocket Science”. It can actually be rather simple and elementary and you don’t have to waste a lot your hard earned money. Below is a quick Podcast I did outlining 5 tried & true applications that work. How do I know they work? Well, I have been doing this for a while. I have studied and researched a lot from certified Trainers, and Nutritionists, in addition to having my own Personal Trainer for a few months. I also practice these in my own life. I have lost over 45 lbs and kept it off. I am down 4+ waist sizes, lowered my resting heart rate by over 20 pts, gained 1″ to 3″ in muscle size, and I sleep much better. I also feel much younger, nearly as I did in my 20s.

Just please keep in mind, before launching into any exercise program, diet, or change in eating habits, please consult with your medical doctor first.

If you want more details, outlines, and strategies, as well as inspiration and encouragement, just ping me. And no, I do not charge anyone for any of this information. I believe we should all strive to live healthier and more fulfilled lives not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones too.

Here is the key, it will not be easy. There is no growth without discomfort. It will take discipline, and diligence. It will take making it a way of life, for a much better, and healthier life. It will take work, however anything worth having takes work, and anything worth having is worth working for. You are worth it, and so are your loved ones.

Podcast is at the link: https://anchor.fm/purposeprinciplespassion/episodes/Secret-to-Weight-Loss-is-No-Secret—Five-tried-and-true-applications-that-work—Fitness–Get-Fit-Stay-Fit-e1lmdfb

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