“You can’t handle to truth!’

What’s wrong with people these days?! Some will ask for help, want the honest truth, nearly plead for it and when it’s provided, even delicately, respectfully and em-pathetically they still get offended. Sometimes irrationally or aggressively offended.

Sometimes and even often, wisdom and truth is not always easy to accept but that still doesn’t make it untruthful and without wisdom. I know from first hand experience that the truth can be a hard pill to swallow it, but when I ask for it, I will swallow the pill. I’ll also ask for wisdom from those I trust, respect, admire, and accept it from them when given. It’s called being a man or an adult.

In addition, for me personally, tt is has not, and still isn’t easy for me to ask fro help. However, when I do, I really need it, and will respectfully welcome it when I ask.

#TooManyTooEasilyOffended #DontAskIfYouCannotReceive #SMH

About DW

Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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