Maybe it is just me…

Maybe it is just me… However, over the last few years I have experience that the average millennial I come across or engage with doesn’t listen to their elders, they are not open to advice, or instruction, even those whom most consider wise, and have credentials to prove it. With me, I have often sought after the wisdom of my elders that I know, respect, admire, and have accomplished much. (Heck, I go up to those older than me, and ask them questions whether I know them well or not.) At least over the last generation or so. It is just common sense.

If you have weathered the test of time, reached an older age, & accomplished much, only a fool would not consider listening to or striving to glean from their wisdom. BTW, that is very biblical, see the book of Proverbs, or even Buddism, or most religions for that matter.

Just an FYI, Millennials, you are twenty and thirty somethings, and just because you may have a college degree, (or not), or think you will change the world after a few years out of high school, that does not dictate wisdom. So calm down, and take a breath, and try to glean some wisdom from your elders that have made many mistakes, learned from those mistakes, and are still here grinding away in their gray haired days. Don’t automatically think you know it all, or have arrived. You have just started your journey. If you don’t then you certainly prove that you are not very smart, and know little to nothing about wisdom.

Guess what, with me being open to advice, and instruction from my elders, I have prevented a few mistakes, I have learned to better overcome adversity, as well as learned what is truly most important in life which the top are to love myself, forgive myself, love others, & forgive others, to pour pour as much love and wisdom into my children and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

The “good life” is not about how many title or toys you have or money you make, it is about how many lives you touch & good you create.

I am blessed with a son whom is of the Generation Z, and he is very coachable, listens to advice, receives instruction, and applies it. Maybe Generation Z is the next best generation. Or maybe I have done my best to raise him well, and most of it stuck. For this I am thankful.

#JustSaying #SMH #Wisdom

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