Street Preachers?

I can admire and respect how some one may live out their faith, exercise their Spiritual Gifts, and help others to an understanding of the Gospel. However, I also believe some actions and behaviors do not justify the means. In regards to “Street Preachers”, I find some good, and can respect their efforts, but too often I discover some are going by it in the wrong manner not representative of Who Christ is, how He led His life, and how He spoke, led others, served, and loved.

I share this as during the Bengals game over the weekend there were several “Street Preachers” speaking from a bull horn. I do not believe there is anything wrong with that if a person is Called to do so while done in love while utilizing their Spiritual Gifts. However, when a person starts spouting hate, unscriptual discrimination, and shouting with a tone of uncontrollable hate, I draw the line. I want to take them by their bull horn and have a few biblically accurate conversations with them. Maybe some “tough love” conversation.

This type of so called “Street Preaching” can do more harm than any good. Printing condescending to down right hateful signs, and yelling at passer byes saying they are “going to burn in hell”, with printed signs that are more hateful than good, while walking into a football game with friends, family, including their children is counterproductive to the Gospel in my opinion and knowledge. Does someone actually believe Jesus, the Disciples, or Apostles would conduct themselves in such a manner. Yes, of course most people know that the bible says “the wages of sin is death” and “it is appointed once for a human to die, then the judgement”. I would think that speaking of how much God loves us, what He has done, and why, would be much better. I also think Jesus would walk along side others at the game, maybe sit down, and say, “so tell me your story”, or “how may I pray for you today?”, or “do you know what My Father did for you?” Not scream, get in my face, and hold a hateful sign of condescension.

Peeps, the Gospel is about love, realizing we are all sinners in need of a Savior, and that God loved us so much that He was willing to suffer an atrocious painful death so that we could have fellowship with Him. Of course it is about transformation to become better, to live a more moral life because we have accepted salvation, believe, and have received the gift of the Holy Spirit. However, the first step is that surrender, acceptance, and repentance. Coming just as you are no matter what you think you may have or may have not done. A person doesn’t clean up before jumping into the shower. Just make the decision, come, and jump in. Then it is to learn, willfully worship, serve, get equipped, and go out. To live out the relationship with God, and let our salt flavor and light shine. (Matthew 5:13-14). It is a continual learning, growing, and changing for the better process. I do not think this happens by beating people up with angry and spiteful words, and showing printed signs of hate to near malice. We should love the hell out of others, walk alongside them to the cross, and a relationship with God.

Sometimes I want to walk up to some of these abrasive “Street Preachers” and hand them a biblical sound gospel tract and say, “Do you truly know and understand the Gospel, the love of Christ, and how he lived, led, served and loved? Because what you are doing and how you are doing it, is not”

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