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_____ Give (HIS) Love A Bad Name…

Please allow me to preface something before I share my perspective on this brief video below and the means this “Street Preacher” and his entourage “preach”, “teach”, and “evangelize”. I confess I am no saint, and very thankful that a … Continue reading

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Perplexing… What say you?

So before I started work this morning, I took some time to relax, sip some hot coffee, listen to some inspirational music, and catch up on some of the news. Once I skimmed through some news, I began to get … Continue reading

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Do You Put Cheap Gas in Your Motorcycle?

Do we put cheap gas in our motorcycles? Do we not keep our bikes, cars, and trucks tuned, and oiled? Do we buy auto, home and life insurance? How many big screen TVs, and expensive devices, do we own? If … Continue reading

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Is healthy living a sin? Is loving yourself, selfish?

I’ve heard evangelists, preachers, and pastors say that you shouldn’t love things of this world, not even yourself. I’ve seen and heard them preach against a plethora of sins. I’ve also seen many of these similar preachers over work while … Continue reading

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