Is healthy living a sin? Is loving yourself, selfish?

I’ve heard evangelists, preachers, and pastors say that you shouldn’t love things of this world, not even yourself. I’ve seen and heard them preach against a plethora of sins. I’ve also seen many of these similar preachers over work while neglecting quality time with their spouse and other loved ones. All the while barely fitting in a normal suit as they over eat, are unhealthy, and highly overweight. Maybe this may be ruffling some feathers or causing a tilted eye brow. However, the thing is, the truth is the truth, whether it offends a person or not. Stay with me here. We unfortunately already live in a too easily offended society that has already caused it’s share of problems. So buck up a bit and read on.

The Bible advises us to be selfless, but not telling us to intentionally destroy the temple of the body by over eating, staying stagnant, or binge watching movies to the wee hours and not having proper rest. The Bible doesn’t say we are to be perfect, but it does tell us to strive and pursue excellence. The Bible does teach us to not sin, but a sin is a sin, no matter how big or small us mere mortals may categorize it. Not taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health is also a sin. A sin that may often be easily corrected and well under our control. Neglecting your spouse, children and close loved ones, while you over work at your career, at church, or obsessed hobby, is also a sin. The Bible teaches balance and margin. Christ lived within margin. The Bible also teaches us how we should eat, rest, exercise, and work.

I speak from personal experience, past mistakes, being a Christian for over 4 decades, and a ministry leader for well over a generation. Christian leaders should certainly love God first. He is the center, rock, and foundation. But your family, and your health immediately follows. If you would like to read the many Bible verses that support this, then simply Ping me or follow me on any of my podcasts or YouTube channels.

Remember your life is a gift. Time is priceless and your health is your highest wealth. Don’t take it for granted, don’t waste it, take care of it and those whom depend on you and truly love you. If you blatantly do not, then what type of Christ centered leader are you to listen to, or follow? How is a person to apply biblical sound wisdom they hear from a leader whom blatantly doesn’t apply it in their life? Not that any Christian leader is perfect, but should humbly confess their faults and strive for excellence.

The Bible teaches that Christian’s are to be salt and light of the world. If we are not healthy physically, mentally and spiritually; then how bright and salty are we? Our lives become contrary in what we speak, teach or preach.

If this post may be causing you to ponder or possibly convict you; it’s not too late to change or correct your path to enjoy a healthier you, healthier relationships, and a longer gift of life to help lead others.

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Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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2 Responses to Is healthy living a sin? Is loving yourself, selfish?

  1. love this
    Great post! It’s so true that as Christians we are called to be selfless, but that doesn’t mean neglecting our own health and relationships with loved ones. I completely agree that balance and margin are essential, but I’m curious, what advice would you give to someone who struggles with finding that balance in their busy lives?
    Johanna Casiddy

    • DW says:

      Joahanna, Thank you very much. share a lot about balance and busy lives. Many articles, videos and podcasts I touch on that topic. Let me see if I can find a few devotionals, articles, and podcasts that are the closest that exact topic and I will send them your way. In the meantime, please cruise through them all if you would like to and I hope you find value in them. ~ Bro 24

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