Perplexing… What say you?

So before I started work this morning, I took some time to relax, sip some hot coffee, listen to some inspirational music, and catch up on some of the news. Once I skimmed through some news, I began to get frustrated, perplexed, and even appalled. It makes me think, and want to say out loud, “What in the world has happened to our society and sense of reality? Where did common sense go? Where has wisdom gone? Where is the sanity? Where has the philosophies, hopes, vision, and moral objectives gone that our Founding Fathers sought, and wanted for this country?”

As a grown man, father of three, and man of faith, do I just bite my tongue, turn off all the news, stay away from all social media, and remain quiet? Do we as Christians just turn our heads, button our lips, and hide under rocks?

Yes, I know what prophecy says. I know what has been foretold, and the world will become more wicked and further from God, until He returns. However, God has used men and women of faith to make a difference all throughout history. What difference am I making? What difference are my children making? What difference are you making? How are we leveraging and using our time, talents, and treasures until the day He comes? Are we afraid? Are we afraid to speak out and up? Are we afraid we will offend someone? Guess what? Fear and doubt are the tools of the adversary, the enemy. The bible says “Fear Not” about 365 times in the bible, and I think it is to remember for each day of the year. Keep in mind the Disciples, Apostles, and Jesus Christ offended many. Almost all to their own deaths.

What can you do? What are you willing to do? What will you be remembered for? What will be the legacy that you leave for your children, and their children, and their children..? Maybe we should live our legacy in the moment, to live our legacy today?

What say you?

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Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of launching life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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