_____ Give (HIS) Love A Bad Name…

Please allow me to preface something before I share my perspective on this brief video below and the means this “Street Preacher” and his entourage “preach”, “teach”, and “evangelize”. I confess I am no saint, and very thankful that a forgiving God may forgive me, and accept me. I do not claim to be a “preacher” nor a “pastor”, however I do believe I am a Messenger and all those whom are saved and proclaim to be a Christian, are to be Messengers. I strive to do my best to serve better, love better, be more kind, one day at a time; hoping I can be more like Christ than I was the day before. I am not judging the tactics of this “street preacher” as I am no judge. Besides, some One already has that job, and I surely do not want it. However, I cringe at the tactics such as these that provoke animosity, anger, and even violence. My quandary is, how is this, or these tactics being like Jesus? Yes, Christ said preach the gospel to all people, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teach them all He has commanded. However, I do not recall reading where Jesus was shouting and screaming at sinners, and holding up abrasive worded signs. Nor, did I see where Jesus leaned towards inciting violence. What I have read is where Jesus was empathetic, spoke of love, and in a way that others could understand and relate, (called Parables). He walked alongside sinners, ate with sinners, and discussed love and ways of forgiveness to repent, live a new life, and have an eternal life with God. Of course Jesus gave instructions on how this is to be done, and what He was going to do to create the way to God, but He said it, and done it, with, and in love.

I have been a Christian a very long time, involved in church, and many different ministries, and I do not see, read, nor feel this below is the best way to minister to others, and lead them to an understanding of the Gospel, and salvation through Jesus Christ. In addition, most of the US, and a good majority of the world has heard the gospel. I think 80% of Americans claim to be a Christian. Many have been hurt by church, and in your face abrasive preaching, judgement, and casting out for a variety of sins. All the while a good portion of these preachers or church leadership are/were living in their own sin, or in fact committing a sin by preaching hate, false doctrine, or turning away another soul because they may have made a mistake, failed, sinned, or not lived up to the expectations of a human preacher/pastor, human church leadership, or human church congregation. The thing is we are all sinners, and God sees all sin the same.

The below video is not what I think is the best way to teach, preach, lead, serve, and love others as Christ did. I see, feel, and think this way of “preaching” gives His love a bad name. In other words, these tactics give Christians a bad name. (I now hear Bon Jovi’s rock hit, “You Give Love A Bad Name” playing in my head.)

Personally, I prefer to listen attentively, engage lovingly, and articulate the Gospel in an authentic, respectful, and genuine way. The bible is truth, and the bible says that the Word of God doesn’t go out and return void. However, I do not read where the bible says shout it out in anger, or malice, or intent of creating violence. Yes, I believe Christians are to be warriors for God. And there is a time to stand up, and fight against evil atrocities, but much of our fight is with and against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

I have never seen an argument, shouting hatefully, getting in someones face, ever win anyone over to Christ. I say love the hell out of others, don’t beat them with harsh words, conflicting signs, immediate judgement of their sins, and clinched fists. First seek to understand attentively, with love and empathy, then to be understood. You could be a bible scholar that knows the bible inside and out, but without love, it is all useless. People do not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

If you would like to see any of the scriptures in reference to support my perspective, please ping me, and I will share them with you.

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