The cost of doing nothing.

“There are risks and costs to action; but, they are far less than the long range risks of inaction.” – John F. Kennedy

There are challenges in this life, some small, and some so large you do not think you can’t overcome them.  So sometimes you may feel like not even trying or giving up.

I had an old saying, “What’s the cost of doing nothing?”

If you do nothing you accomplish nothing.  You may slip further in your tormoil or “rut.”  Procrastination, complacency and an idle mind are self-defeating elements.  Activity is the key.  Positive action, plus a positive attitude usually equals a postivie result.

Things get tough at times, sometimes very tough, but you are a child of God.  He gave you gifts and talents. Use them and rejoice in your life to do something, be the someone God made you to be.  Another famous quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

If you are sad, do something for yourself that makes you happy.  Count your blessings and get outside and do something.  A walk in the fresh air.  A stroll through an beautiful park.  A trip to your favorite restaurant.  Go to the movie theater and watch a good comedy.  Talk with friends or call an old friend. Go to church.  Go to a counseling group.  Eat well and exercise.  Join the YMCA/YWCA.  There is a saying a man complained he had no shoes until he discovered the man with no feet.  The saying is true.  Thank God for you life.  You have only one life, do something.  Just like the old Nike commercial says, “Just Do It.”

Stop procrastination.  If you seem to have procrastinated and let things build up.  First make a list of priorities and realistic times of getting them done, and do them in order.  Make it a habit, and make time for yourself.  Your the only self you have.  Wake up each morning to seize the day, not to waste the day.  Time is priceless.

No matter how bad it seems, there is hope in challenging times and tragedies.  There is good in this life, and good things. Make a decision if you are going to conquer and overcome these challenges or are you going to not even try, procrastinate or give up.

I know about tough times, challenges and tragedies.  I have been guilty of procrastinating in the past. So I am “preaching to the choir,” at times.  But what is the cost of doing nothing?  It costs you priceless time.  Do you ponder later, that “I could of”, “would of”, “should of”  Do the best you can now, don’t wait.  Don’t have regrets that you may now prevent.  Take charge, and take action.  Persevere and push through.

Don’t give up. The cost of doing nothing is far more than the cost of doing something.

The only certain means of success is to render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be.” ― Og Mandino

“There are risks and costs to action; but, they are far less than the long range risks of inaction.” – John F. Kennedy



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