May is Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Statistics by the Centers for Disease Control states that 50% of all Americans will suffer from a mental health crisis and that on average every American adult will suffer from at least two bouts of depression in their life time. (Source: CDC, NAMI). Anxiety is actually the most common mental illness affecting 40 million American adults 18 years or older. 18% of the American population. Major Depressive Disorder affects 14.8 million American adults, or 6.7% of the American population. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD affects 7.7 million American adults or 3.5% of the American population. (Source: Anxiety and Depression Association of America. ADAA.) 5.7 million or 2.6% Americans suffer from BiPolar Disorder. (Source: Depression and BiPolar Support Alliance. [DBSA].) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder affects about 5 million American adults or about 2 to 3 percent. (Source: Psych Central). About 1 in 20 individuals live with Borderline Personality Disorder. (Source: NAMI.) These statistics are from those that seek help, and obtain a diagnosis. Imagine what the numbers might be with those who don’t seek help. Mental illness is now being called the “silent epidemic.” The good news is that these mental illnesses can be treated and recovery for many mental illnesses is not only possible, it occurs. Unfortunately there is still a stigma associated with depression and other mental illnesses and often people don’t seek help. Often because of fear of being out-casted to even shunned due to the stigmatization associated with mental illness. This stigma needs to stop. Stigma is caused because of the lack of education, knowledge, wisdom and empathy about mental illness.


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“Broken Hallelujah”

Everyone has a story. Some of us have heard them while praying with grown men on their knees in tears, single mothers & widows with no where else to turn nearly giving up all hope, women/men/children with emotional pain so deep it’s nearly unfathomable. People with addictions that has nearly taken their lives, and/or it has taken the life of loved ones. Poverty on such a large mass scale it brought me to my knees. Life is not fair. No one promised anyone a rose garden. Even Christ said there will be times of trouble & tribulation. Just because you are believer does not secure an easy life. However it does secure eternal life with a God with so much love a dictionary cannot define it. So to those hurting, or have been hurt; when you feel as though you have no where to turn, and cannot even stand, then kneel; because God is listening. May it help to sing a “Broken Hallelujah.


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Are “Christians” to be warriors?…

Some people may think that someone with faith should be mild, submissive, & rather docile. However. Joshua & David were warriors for God. The bible is full of gladiators for God & warriors for Christ. The writer, John Eldridge called Jesus,”The Beautiful Outlaw.” Yes, believers in God agree to submit to God & accept Christ as their Savior, however they are also warriors for the Cause. They are asked to “Stand” firm, to “fight the good fight” to “finish the race” Just because you are a Christian or striving to be as one, doesn’t mean you are a “door mat” You are a prince or princess to the King of Kings & I believe it is okay to be enthusiastic about your faith, take a firm stand for what’s right, aggressively pursue to help others & use your gifts. To be a warrior or gladiator for Christ. The Word says if you deny Him, he will deny you in heaven. I believe the bible is a “road map” to life, a spiritually written instruction book that has survived for generations after generations even when It was attempted to be removed from the planet many times. Believers know He is greater in them, than they are in the world & with God all things are possible. As a man of faith myself, I believe we just must have faith, believe, & “stand” firm, fight that good fight & finish the race, & finish it well. Ephesians 6:13, 1 Timothy 6:12, Galatians 6:9, 2 Timothy 4:7, Galatians 6:14, Job 11:15, Proverbs 10:25, Matthew 10:22, Luke 21:19, 1 Corinthians 16:13, Numbers 32:27, …

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Seeking to inpire?…

Seeking to inspire some one? Maybe your own child or children? Maybe a child who lost a parent, or a neighbor who lost a spouse? Or a person who feels as though they have lost everything? Seek greatness from Wisdom, true Wisdom, not “things of this world”, but of His kingdom. Greatness inspires greatness & that type of greatness comes from God. However, who am I to speak of wisdom, greatness, or even give advice? I am just a man, a person who has made mistakes, failed & fallen. It is not me, I am just a sinner saved by Grace & by His mercy… It is He who is in me, & without Him, all else is in vain, & vanity. Want to learn more about wisdom? Read the book of Proverbs. Want to know more about unconditional love, read the book of John. HE>i

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How Do You Stand In A Perfect Storm?

“How Do You Stand In A Perfect Storm?”  by DW

Dec. 2016

maninstromI am going through the most horrific, painful, and toughest times in my entire life.  It’s what I call a Perfect Storm.

A Perfect Storm to me is when it seems that your life may be falling apart.  It is when you suffer from an illness or an injury that nearly takes your life. When your finances may become a wreck from injury, illness, or loss of a job from something entirely out of your control.  When you feels as if some friends turn their back on you, even ones you have known most of your life.  Those whom you thought would be by your side until God may call you home to those you have known and grown very close to for just maybe a year. It is when you feel and see your own family not come to your side, even when you call and nearly plead.  When near supernatural things happen within ministries you adore, have led, or a church you have served for years to the negative, that is near obvious wickedness, that can only be the deeds of the evil one.  It is when some one, even a loved one you loved to your core nearly since the day of their birth ostracizes you due to being told untruths to down right lies from others they love, over and over again that they believe it.  It is when your health is failing and nearly gone, your wallet is empty, you are in the midst of spiritual attacks, your close relationships seem to be failing, and you have been either out of work for months and cannot find a source of income, or you lose your job entirely.  You have seemed to have lost everything or at the minimum losing everything; Job, family, friends, health, home, even the access to health care. So it is attacks and collapses on all sides of your life like you are surrounded by immensely large titles waves the size of sky scrapers on every side and you are at the center with rain pouring down and hurricane level winds have been blowing for months. You feel as though you may be crushed to death and your are so exhausted in taking care of yourself, nearly all by yourself, that you feel as though you may not be able to move forward another week, let alone another day without being homeless on the streets.  The Perfect Storm that no human may survive without supernatural intervention.  That intervention is of course God.

I have incurred a very bad motorcycle accident to where I incurred 15 broken bones and in the hospital for a month.  On oxygen for a week.  I have been confined to a wheel chair for three months and I am just now getting used to crutches. I almost died three times in thirty days. So many days of physical therapy, and even in home nursing, physical and occupational therapy.  Days and nights of more pain that I have ever incurred in my life.  The pain of your body been crushed to its core to were you cannot think and nearly cannot breath.  So many broken ribs and back bones it hurts just to breath, let along talk, or laugh.  It has been a living hell.  From pain medications to respiratory therapy.  To staying up for days because the pain was so intense.  I never averaged more than two hours a day while in the hospital.  When I got home I really never averaged more than five and just now getting to six to seven hours of sleep. It’s now going on four months since the accident.

On Sunday morning, December 4th, 2016 while I was getting ready for church, I had enough of the pain, and inability to walk.  I asked God and Jesus Christ Himself to please at least let me feel like a man again.  Just let me feel like a man and be able to stand in the shower.

jesus-in-the-stormI started praying in Jesus name over and over again and I stepped out in faith and stood from my wheel chair, stepped in the shower and took my first shower standing.  I kept praying out loud in Jesus name the whole time.  And I kid you not, I walked out of that shower, and put my clothes on standing.  I got dressed, walked right out my front door and grabbed my crutches and drove my own car to church. (Trust me I already had a release to drive over a week ago)  I walked to my normal seat where I used to park my wheel chair and I stood in Jesus name, praising in worship, absorbing His presence.

After services I walked over to get myself my first cup of coffee in near 4 months standing and I walk into Anthony Munoz of the Cincinnati Bengals.  We chat for a while and I tell him briefly of my story and he laughs with gladness, and says to me, “Brother you are a walking and talking miracle” and pats me on my back.  I replied to Anthony, “More than you know, brother. More than you know.”  Of course I got a photo of the moment.  We chatted a little more about the church and Boomer Esiason as I was wearing my limited edition #7 Boomer Esiason Cincinnati Bengals Jersey when the accident occurred.  You see they had to cut off all of my clothes due to my injuries and crushed ribs and lungs.  So that Jersey is gone. I am an avid Cincinnati Bengals and Ohio State Buckeyes fan.

After I walked to my awesome Sunday School class, I walk out and walk into one of my good friends that has been walking me through the storm. He is a dear friend from my Men’s bible study. A man that has been praying for me for months with the other men. A light in the dark clouds, a blessing more than words may express. He pulled me aside and wanted to pray with me among the other men serving coffee.  We prayed in Jesus name and tears flowed from my eyes as he teared up too and we embraced each other as he and I know I am a walking and talking miracle in Jesus name.  It is by and through Jesus I am walking in church and it was just last week this friend was speaking to me in my wheel chair.  He has not seen me standing so long he forgot how tall I am.  You see I stand 6′ 2″ tall and I used to weight 255 lbs.  I know weigh 215.  I have not shrunk, I have just lost weight as I have no appetite when I have been in so much pain and on medications.  They eliminate appetite so I have to remember to eat, because my stomach and mind wont tell me I am hungry.  I also have had to drink protein drinks, and health drinks so I get my nutrients, vitamins, and protein.  Thanks to Amazon Prime, they deliver it all to me. I am a fan of Amazon Prime.  Do you know they even deliver all sorts of groceries?  And no they didn’t tell me to plug them, I tell you this because it is all true.  I do almost all my shopping on Amazon Smile Prime and they give 5% of my purchases to CityLink. My preferred charity.

Do you want to know how to stand firm in a Perfect Storm? You walk it in faith, and if you cannot walk, you roll through it in faith from your wheel chair. You persevere in Jesus name. You seek Him every day, you pray every day, several times in the day if you can. Read the bible, listen to inspirational Christian music, watch inspirational movies, and most importantly pray. Focus on the positive and count your blessings day to day. Inventory your blessings and write them down. Thank God and Jesus Christ for each of them. He is there, and when you hurt he hurts. The shortest verse in the bible is “Jesus wept” What caused Jesus Christ to weep was the sadness and hurt He witnessed while in human form for loss his friends and family was incurring. He wept for the sorrows of humanity. He wept for you too. There is power in the name of Jesus just as the old famous hymnal song says. There was miraculous healing power in Jesus name for me.

My pastors prayed for me often, even in the hospital to my family room. One of my pastors  even scheduled a weekly conversation and time of prayer with me.  One of my pastors said something to me after we prayed in my family room and said something like this, “I get an image of a warrior being created. Almost an ancient gladiator of biblical times. I believe that man is you. I believe our father is working something miraculous out of this suffering. Something profound to work in your life to be victorious in His name to nurture and help others go through similar challenges, pain, and loss. Stay strong, prayed up, and keep the faith. Know there is hope, you are loved, and you are not alone. You will end up on the other side near a gladiator for the cause of Christ…”

I am not certain I am qualified to be a “warrior” or “gladiator” for Christ. However I know my faith has been tested, and I am honored to be thought to be molded into a “gladiator” for the cause of Christ and that somehow and in someway my pain, and suffering may be used for the good, especially to help others.

I share this with my readers as I know for certain that miracles happen every day and they have to me personally on several occasions.  I am walking, talking, and breathing because of Jesus.  It is because of Him, that I am alive.

theperfectstorm2I am also writing my 4th book.  This will be my biggest and most difficult work.  I will be dedicating it to my church and my children.  A percentage of all the sales will go to the grief, loss and recovery ministry of my church.  Look for it on this fall of 2017.  Look me up too, and I will tell you my story, share my testimonials, and personally sign your copy of my book.  Be prepared for me to tell you about the healing name of Jesus Christ and ask you to get to know Him.  The book will be titled, “Standing Firm in the Perfect Storm – In Jesus Name”

Look we all have had storms, and possibly Perfect Storms.  Several Perfect Storms in fact. Every one I have ever met has a story and incurred a storm of sorts.  I will tell you that I am doing my best to get through it.  However I cannot do it alone, I was failing.  It is only by my faith in God, the help of close friends, a love in action church, and in Jesus name; I am making it.  I tell you that is the truth.  And HE, is the truth, and gets all the glory.

Friends, we have a Good Good Father as Chris Tomlin sings.  I am certain of it.  I have lived it!  If I told you my entire life story and my testimony, you will not be able to tell me God doesn’t exist.  No one will ever be able to convince me that God is dead, or doesn’t even exist.  He is alive, very much so, and if you let Him, He may live in your heart forever and walk with you through ALL of your storms.  All you have to do is ask.  Just simply ask.  Go ahead, He is there, He is listening. He is our Father and He is good!



“Standing Firm In The Perfect Storm – In Jesus Name”

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We will find time for what we find important…

biblesunraysI have learned, long ago, people will find & make time for things, people and activities that are truly important to them. Often it’s their spouse, children, family members, and close friends. Sometimes it’s certain activities & actions. There is profound meaning to what the bible means, “For where ever your heart is, so will be your treasure.”

Don’t believe any of this? Do your own “deep” self analysis. Get out your day planner/calendar for the last three o so months, and do the same with your check book register. Then set back and see where both your time and money goes. You may be surprised, then again you may not, either way its a good self awareness exercise. Remember, when we leave this world, on our dying bed, we will not say we wish we spent more time at the office, at work, or in front of the TV. We wont say we wish we ate more fine foods, buckets of beer or soda… We all can make time for what, and who is truly important to us.

familyiseverythingI know I am going to do some adjusting myself, especially given what I have been through over the last 60 days. I have some great books I am catching up on, loved ones I am calling, writing, and trying to get rides to see. I got that self improvement/grief recovery book I have been trying to complete for more than two decades. I certainly cherish every second with my children, close family & friends. I sure do miss my brothers, and hope my Mom and Dad stay in good health. I know my Dad has not been well for some time. I never want to miss a Sunday in church.(I love my time with the Trinity!) Yup, I am one who likes watching the sunrise and sunset. I make time to call or at the very least, text 3 friends/family members a day… I love life, I love God, and I am certainly blessed with so many amazing people in my life. I thank God for it all almost every day. I told God when He saved me and my life the last time, that I would make much effort not to squander the time He has given me. Not just for the second time, but now for the third time! I believe that I have so much I want to give back, and things I want to experience with my children, family, & close friends. I hope I do not let those I love & admire, down. I know I am not perfect, very far from it. None of us are.

siezethedaycaptainmycaptainWe just have today. The now. Yesterday is a “cancelled check”, tomorrow is a “promissory note”, today is now, that is why it’s called “The PRESENT.” Enjoy your day friends & family. May you launch each day with Purpose, navigate with Principles, and explore with Passion! By His grace, we are saved. By His wounds, we are healed. ~ Blessings, ~ DW

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A building can’t save you…

Going to church is not the perfect equation to get into heaven. A church is just a building. You can have “church” anywhere, not just in a building. Church doesn’t save you, faith in and through Christ does. It’s not about religion, it’s about a relationship with the One who created the universe. Church is not a cathedral for saints, it’s a hospital for sinners.

However, and therefore I believe we should not hinder coming together as believers and seekers in fellowship to learn, praise, worship, grow, heal, bring our resources and talents to and within the fellowship of believers whether it’s a building, backyard, park, or street corner; for the cause of Christ. Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.”


~ DW

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“Wish I wasn’t even born…”

I was speaking to someone the other day and he was going through a very tough time. He even said he wished he wasn’t even born. He also blamed his parents to their face for bringing him into the world. He was born with some handicaps and disabilities. He struggles with them at times, gets frustrated, depressed, and isolates.

What do you say to a man who shares this with you, blames his parents, and has wanted to die? I listened attentively and said he was entitled to his feelings, and it is his feelings. However validating his feelings, feelings are not always reality. I turned my conversation over to first person sharing a story or two, including those of others who may have felt similar. I then couldn’t help recall the life story of Nick Vujicic, born without arms or legs, and David Ring, who was born dead,

Take a look at Nick’s and David’s life by clicking on the links I have shared in this post. Our feelings are our feelings, and we are entitled to our feelings as no one necessarily walks or has walked in another persons shoes, not experienced the life they have lived. However listening to the stories of these two men, may change someone’s paradigm.


~ DW

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…what did you want to be when you grew up?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? Well, I wanted to be a doctor, then in my later years of high school I realized there just wasn’t the finances or way to with, per say. Then I thought, hey, I loved writing and got great grades in my College Prep, writing courses, and English so I wanted to be a famous journalist and writer.

However life has a way of changing a person’s course and I have yet to become that News Anchor/Journalist or famous writer. However years into the future, paying my way through some college while working, and experiencing “a lot of life”, I realize I am now actually doing what I wanted to do and be when I grew up. I am a doctor of sorts, I help heal the scratches and bruises of my children not just on their bodies, but in their hearts too. I get to work with and help people struggling, managing, or recovering from mental illness, grief, loss, and divorce. I get to tell others about the saving grace of Jesus Christ, Whom brings eternal life, heals hearts, minds, bodies and souls. I may not have written that famous best selling novel, yet, but I do write a regular blog, wrote a few short stories, and what is called “Ghost writing” and get decent reviews for it. Although I didn’t picture myself as a business consultant, it is a great and challenging career. So yes, thanks to God, I am, in a real way, what I wanted to be when I grew up. So when life feeds you lemons, it may turn out to be lemonade later, or when you think you have failed or made too many mistakes, or life events have taken you way off course, remember God is not done with you yet, and quite possibly what you were made to do and be, you are already doing, or yet to be done! ‪#‎Grateful‬ ‪#‎Blessed‬ ‪#‎ProudDad‬ Hebrews 12:1-3

~ DW


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RED NOSE DAY is Thursday, May 26, 2016…


What we do


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