They are watching…

Parents know our children are observing us. They will learn how do be an adult, a spouse , a responsible adult citizen from us & our actions. However did you know other children & parents are observing us too? Other children will observe your interactions with your children & see how a father or mother is to be with his or her children. Likewise other parents may often observe you too on how you interact with your children & may learn by your example. Something to think about. Some men and women may have not been raised by a believer. May not know how to love in words, actions & deeds. As children of God, we are the Salt & Light to a broken world.

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I’m not interested whether you have stood with the great…

sat with broken2

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A Warrior does not give up what he loves

“A Warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he does”

What is it that you love? Can you define love? Maybe you love your wife, your job, your friend, your neighbor, God..?

Do you give up on your wife if she get’s sick, gains weight, becomes physically unappealing to you, she becomes weak & slips into sin? Do you give up on your job because you had a bad day/week/month/year or your boss is a jerk? Do you give up on your neighbor because he/she borrowed something & never gave it back? Do you give up on your friend because he/she doesn’t call you, go to church with you, or fallen into sin? Do you give up on God because you do not “feel” like going to church, or reading your bible, or striving to demonstrate love to those that are hardest to love?

Do we strive to be believers after God’s own heart as David, able to slay our Giants with faith & determination? What type of Race are we running? Are we Fighting the Good Fight? Are we finishing the race? Will we finish the race well?



~ DW

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Look, there are so many vessels…

We are truly vessels. From the day we were born, to the day we are called Home. We may allow that vessel to be filled with garbage that spills over, & pollutes, or we may allow it to be filled with water that is clear, clean & powerful that with the Right Force it can cut through granite, yet clean the dirtiest Streams. We have that ability on how it is filled, & how it is used. Are you going to keep loading on the garbage or are you going to take the garbage out, & let pure water in?

~ DW

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“Oh, you are one of those weak Christians”

“Turn the other cheek”, “Aren’t you ‘Christian’s supposed to be meek & full of love?” “Christian’s are simply gullible” “Christians are weak & blind followers”
Ever heard any of these similar statements? Any of them make you little angry?

I was saved around the age of 15, but didn’t truly come into a deeper understanding & level of surrender until my 20s. Oh, I have had my ups & downs in my faith. Seen & experienced a lot in my personal, professional & spiritual life. With this history and experience in mind, I have tended to arrive at the below.

Here is some of my thoughts, perspectives as well as beliefs around some of those statements above. Jesus Christ, was a man. He was certainly not a weak man. He was a carpenter. I would likely assume he had some muscle, & grit to him as well. How many men (especially hard labor workers) do you know that could withstand such journeys He took, as well as the suffering He took and the death on the cross which is one of the worst ways any human may suffer and die? In other words, Christ was no “wimp”, & certainly not weak.

I also believe the verse that includes, “turn the other cheek” is often taken out of context. One pastor & leader I know has stated it more refers to condescending words. The old, ‘sticks & stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” In other words, take an insult on the cheek, even let another come by, & respond in love & wisdom as they are only words. However, as for me & my house, if someone does strike me for no reason, they will get stricken back. And if an enemy is within three feet of me, I will certainly advise them to step back, or I will defend myself, & those I love with all or anything at my disposal. The “turn the other cheek”, I believe is not for men to be push overs, and not defend themselves, their loved ones, & their property. We can find as many verses supporting we are to be defenders, protectors, as well as warriors. Sometimes even “Violent Men Of God” The old testament is full of “righteous battles” Remember, the bible also states their is a time for war, and that God formed our hands for battle. Also, meekness, doesn’t mean weakness. Look it up. You can be meek, strong, and a warrior at the same time.

Keep in mind Jesus did turn over the money collectors tables at the temple and even said to have hit them with whips. Jesus, God’s Son, God manifested in the flesh, also wept. It’s the shortest verse in the bible. “Jesus wept.” Although He knew He would resurrect Lazarus, He wept over the sadness and grief of the loved ones, family and friends of Lazarus. He became overwhelmed with humanities sadness.

In regards to being “gullible” Well, I believe if you do not stand for something, you may fall for anything. Some of the wisest, and most intelligent people I know are strong people of faith in the one true God, and His son, Jesus Christ. History is full of them, especially our own American history.

I do believe we may have blind faith, however we are not to be blind followers. Remember, there will be many false teachers and prophets. If we truly follow God & His words, it will make us wise. Proverbs is a great book to start.

Yes, I believe we are to be the “salt and the light” However, salt has both flavor and strength that cuts through the cold and ice. Light is not dull, nor weak. It is bright, strong & lights up the room and others.

If you know me, you know that I am rather outgoing, however I seek to listen more, than I talk. I am also very empathetic, not judgmental. Remember, there is not one righteous, not one. All have come short of the kingdom of God. I also do not follow a person(s), a church, a movement. I believe I am to follow Jesus. If it doesn’t line up with the Word, then it doesn’t line up with me. In addition, I can be rather analytical. I prefer proven science over guess work. Yet, I know there is a God. I believe in the bible. I have seen faith and miracles in action. I strive to be more like Jesus and yes, I fail. But the drive is to strive, learn & grow.

What are your thoughts, perspectives and opinions? I would enjoy hearing yours.

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It’s good to have a good teacher…


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Dining Room Table Discussions…

DINING ROOM TABLE DISCUSSIONS: When was the last time you & your children sat down at the dinning room table & had enjoyed meal together, talked to one another with all the devices on silent & put away? Personally, just about every time my children & I eat a meal, we eat together at the dinning room table. One thing I make sure we do on our weekend together is have a family meeting & a “Show & Tell”, after we eat. Usually Friday night. Each one of us has the undivided attention of the others as we share something we experienced, or have, or received over the past week or two. Neither person is interrupted as they share, & each one gets a turn. We also discuss things that may be on each others minds, or hearts. Whether it is something that happened at school, home, church, community, or country. We talk about it with grace, & love. The thing is, as parents, our children are facing a lot. News, gossip, rumors arrive 24/7 by the speed of the Internet. Peer pressure & bullying still occur. Our children should be comfortable in having a voice, we as parents should be wise enough to first listen, seek to understand, & then wise & loving enough to advise, & instruct with love.


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Running The Pigs (Pt 1)

via Running The Pigs (Pt 1)

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Are we “aggressive” enough?

For the last few weeks, I have heard & seen messages on being an active, engaged, & aggressive believer. From messages at church, things on the radio, verses I read, & topics of some discussions with others of faith.

Why do you suppose prayer was taken out of schools? Why do you suppose how the verdict of Roe vs Wade came to fruition? How do you suppose that we are shortly becoming a nation of Political Correctness or everything that seemed to formerly encompass family values has become offensive? How is it I discover speaking to several believers they cannot remember the last time they led someone to being saved through the belief in Jesus Christ, especially when approximately 80% of the US claim to be “Christian”? How do you suppose the 10 commandments have been removed from many establishments? How do you supposed political leaders are elected more because of their looks, how many movie stars/musical artists they hang around with? How is it now that movie stars & music stars now “speak for the people.” How is it that when I was a child we had gun racks with guns in our pick up trucks but never worried about anyone ever getting shot in school? How is it when I have usually always carried a pocket knife in my pocket that it now alarms people, and a doctors office is demanding I remove it before being seen?

I guess I could go on, but I am not on a political rant. I strive to stay out of political banter. However, I am proud to be an American, I stand for the flag & the national anthem & kneel at the cross. I say yes man, yes sir & strive to respect my elders. I say grace. I gladly go to church to assembly, learn, serve, worship & grow. I say God bless you & I will pray for anyone at any time. I support our Constitution & Bill of Rights. I pay my taxes, strive to provide for my children & pour as much love & wisdom I can into them.

Some of this may offend some people. However, I am neither ashamed, nor apologize for those characteristics of who I am, and to Whom I serve, nor for He Whom I believe created the heavens & the earth, nor the patriot I am, nor the good things my parents taught me. I consider myself neither a “zealot”, “Apologist” nor “religious” To me it is about a relationship, & not religion. I believe a church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. I believe we are all imperfect human beings saved by grace, belief, acceptance, & repentance. I believe as believers these messages are speaking to me & others to be more engaging, more active, more involved, and yes more aggressive with love, determination, compassion & passion to take action, to stand firm, be courageous & fight the good fight.

~ DW

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What do you say?…

When you first meet someone, one of the typical questions are, “So what do you do?” So what is your typical answer? Mine often goes something like this, “I am a father/brother/son/friend that pours love & wisdom into my children & strives to make a positive impact in other people’s lives” Often I get a pause, or a deer in the headlight look, or better a smile. You see, the questions wasn’t what do you do to earn an income. The questions was, “What is you do?” Making an income just helps facilitate some of what I do. So let me ask you, What is it that you do?

Other than the question people often ask you, other than, “So what do you do?” when you first meet them. They make ask, “How are you doing” Unfortunately, it may often be a rhetorical question in passing. With me, regardless, I may respond with,”I’m learning, serving and growing, because if you are not learning, serving, and growing, you’re not living” If it is someone I know well; I may say, “I am surviving. Would you like to know about some of my techniques as I am interested in learning some of yours” Another response may be, “I am blessed and highly favored.” Again, all of these responses may again get that pause, deer in the headlights look, or a smile. However, with either of these responses, it often opens an opportunity for dialogue for engagement and/or connection with the other person or at the very least, a smile.


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