How to feel good.. 7 Easy Things Anyone Can Start Today.

There are thousands and thousands of programs, diets, fads, pills, exercise programs that claim to help you feel good.

Here are my 7 Easy Things Anyone Can Start Today.

1. Learn to like and love yourself.  You must first learn to like yourself, then love yourself. You are special, unique, and one of a kind. You have unique talents, and don’t listen to anyone who tells you differently.  God created you and you have tremendous value.  You are important to Him and you are important to others.  God loves you, and you should love you.

You may be thinking it is not “right” to love yourself.  That maybe you were taught to put other’s first.  Loving yourself isn’t at the expense of others. Loving yourself first allows you to better love others.  Learn the habit of speaking to yourself positively like you would speak to others that you love.

Choose to love yourself and choose to be happy.  What would you rather do choose to hate yourself and be miserable.  It is a choice.  It is your free choice.

Visualize your best self and take steps towards that each and every day.  Take a moment each morning to be thankful for the sunrise that has been presented to you and look optimistically forward to the day.  You are being giving a gift in this day, and you are also a gift.  You are worth your best, try to give your best, be your best; and let your Creator take care of the rest.

2. Remove and avoid as much stress as possible.  Many people handle stress in different ways. Some bottle it up, keep it to themselves, however that is not healthy as at one point you may erupt and take your stress out in a counter productive or even destructive manner. Some just let it out. Constantly at ends with self and others. This person may curse, throw fits or take their frustrations out on loved ones when they get home. They are constantly grumpy and short tempered. This is not productive and will lead to destroying your relationships and possibly yourself.

First thing is to realize you are stressed and recognize the signs of stress. Some people get heartburn. Some people break out in rashes. Some people experience pain in their muscles and joints. Others may get migraine headaches or slip into depression.

Breathing techniques can be a quick and temporarily relief of stress. Taking in a deep breath and counting to ten and exhale can actually do wonders. Especially if you have become angry.

Surrounding yourself with positive influences and positive people helps reduce stress.  I recommend reading non-fiction self-improvement books, watching inspirational movies, and accompanying yourself with people who have positive “can-do” attitudes.  People who have an attitude of gratitude.  Wise people surround themselves with wise people.  People may often become a product of their environment.  Stay away from self-defeating people and and self-defeating thoughts.

Plan your day, week and if possible plan your month.  Make sure your plan has time out for yourself, and those you love. Know what is important and what is crucial and make sure you include time for your family, time for yourself, and time to eat properly and rest.  Remember balance is very important.  You are human, with human emotions and interacting with other humans.  Delight in being human. Do not be too hard on yourself.  Learn to laugh at yourself.  You are not a machine.  Make an effort to stick to that plan and know when to say, “no”.  “No”, is not a bad word, it is a self preservation word.

3. Rest and sleep.  Anyone who says that they thrive on 4 hour of sleep are not being honest.  Actually I find it egotistical and delusional for someone to actually say that.  It simply is not true.  A human requires sleep and rest to functional optimally.  An average person needs 6 to 8 hours of sleep. However in this busy, stress inducing, “got to have it now”, world, 8 hours a night may seem impossible; especially if you have children. The first action to better sleep is to go to bed at the same time each evening. A good start time to unwinding would be just after 10 pm. Then by 11 pm, you should hopefully be deep asleep.  Turn down the temperature in the room. Turn off as many lights as possible. Don’t watch TV or stare at a computer screen just before going to bed.  It dilates and over stimulates your eyes.  Try playing some soft music before bed, and read just a little.  The books of Psalms is a great choice.  Try praying as well.  Stretching and meditation is good too.  A glass of milk also has a natural sleep (melatonin) aid in it. The goal is at least 6 to 8 hours of of great sleep.  Rise no later than 7 am and have a good breakfast.

Take a look at what Dr. Travis Bradberry has to say about sleep and sleep deprivation.

4. Eat better.  You don’t have to jump on the band wagon of the latest diet.  It can be fairly simple.  Eat more natural, unprocessed foods. Drink a lot of water.  Try to reduce as much trans-fat and bad carbohydrates.  No enriched white bread, french fries, potato chips or even potatoes, if possible.  Eat at least 3 to 4 small meals a day.  Breakfast, typically, should be your largest meal filled with whole grains, good protein, fruit and fiber. A greek yogurt with fresh blueberries and a banana with natural almond milk would be a healthy choice. So would be adding a couple eggs with the yellows removed. I am a fan of good coffee, so I do partake by having a good cup of joe or espresso in the morning.  Lunch can be so very creative with all the ways you can make a salad.  Add some salmon, turkey, grilled chicken with Kale mixed in becomes a great lunch.  For dinner, you don’t have to eliminate steak, or hamburgers.  Just get lean steaks, and very lean hamburger.  Instead of the bun, use a lettuce wrap for your hamburger.  We know vegetables are good for you and you may not like some of them.  However there are so many vegetable and fruit varieties out there, you are bound to find some you like.  Especially for smoothies and shakes.  Add some honey, wheat germ, and protein mix to your favorites fruits and vegetables; your bound to experiment to find an mixture you enjoy and that will be good for you.

5. Exercise. Exercise is crucial and it doesn’t take a full out work out to reap rewards. Start with walking, and add a few sit-ups, leg lifts, and push ups. Grow from there to cycling, free weights, and look into the benefits of a personal trainer if he or she is in your budget.

Exercising your mind is also and important element to feeling good. Read thought provoking as well as inspirational literature. Listen to up beat and positive music. Enjoy movies that are uplifting and always has a good ending. Biographies are great reading and watching for the mind. Take a second language. Engage in thought provoking  and thoughtful conversations.  Surround yourself with positive up-beat people that love and encourage you.

6. Spiritually exercise. Human’s are Mind, Body and Spirit.  You should take care and address all three.  It will make you not only feel better, and happy; you will become more fulfilled and content.  Invest time in God’s word. Reading and listening to good sermons. Fellowship at church and with fellow believers. Talk to God. He wants to hear from you. Pray at sunrise, before meals and before bed. Theres a lot you can tell and ask of God. He is listening. Also reading the Psalms before bed has proven to me a good relaxing aid, and a tool to help sleep and end my evening on a positive note.

7. Pay it forward. Nothing makes people feel better than helping someone else. Volunteer. Reach out to a person or friend in need. Perform random acts of kindness.

Learn to be happy and feel good.   Stay happy and healthy.



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Living out my Ikigai and helping others find theirs which consists of seeking to launch life with purpose, navigating with principles, and exploring with passion!
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